tonight, tonight

worked on my cardboard chair today. it felt good to not be in front of a computer, working with my hands on something and just kind of zoning out.

i started working around 1 and stopped around 5. i probably would have kept working except donna came up.

she went to dinner with her friends on union street. i asked if i could come along but i guess it was one of those girls’ nights out things. i find the concept a bit strange but whatever. i don’t think guys ever *plan* for a guys’ night out. i just find it weird that my girlfriend is in the same city but we’re not doing anything together.

so i ate at a vietnamese restaurant and read “requiem for a dream.” i’ve never read anything quite like it so it puts me into a weird head space.

donna says that i’m a hermit and do too many things by myself. which is true. most of the time, i prefer it that way. but there is something to be said about spending too much time in your own head.


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