good vibrations

July 31, 2006

so for anyone who was at encore karaoke lounge last night, they were in for a treat because i sang “good vibrations” by the beach boys with the help of ed.

i was also really really drunk. yay for jack and coke. nay for ordering a jack and coke and then getting just…coke. that’s fucked up.

i was going to write more but realized it sounded incredibly whiny and wouldn’t contribute much to anything so i will end this with a simple good night.

screw this

July 29, 2006

i woke up this morning and made a list of all these things i needed to do but realized that i’m quite possibly the only person under 35 who’s never seen “the big lebowski” so i’m screwing my list for the next two hours and watching said movie.

i also made a sandwich.


July 28, 2006

my stomach feels like it’s tearing itself apart…owwwwwwww.

comic-con 2006

July 23, 2006

so i went to comic-con in san diego for the first time yesterday. i could go off about what i did and stuff but i’ll just list the celebrities/people i think are really cool but aren’t “celebs” i saw:

jorge garcia
daniel dae kim
quentin tarantino
robert rodriguez
rosario dawson
rose mcgowan
jim lee
brian k. vaughan
john knoll (one of the guys who made photoshop)
nicolas cage
eva mendes
sam raimi
kirsten dunst
thomas hayden church
topher grace
tobey mcguire
kevin smith
jason mewes

random thoughts from comic-con:

  • after going to comic-con, i realized that i’m not THAT geeky. sure, i can name all the captains from the various star trek series, but i don’t know their birthdays.
  • rachel blake, who’s been in those weird lost videos on and, crashed the q&a for lost.
  • this is the second time i’ve been in the same room as quentin tarantino. the first time, i was 15 feet away from him. this time, the “room” could have held a fairly large airplane. he reminds me of a kid with ADD.
  • robert rodriguez and quentin tarantino are totally bff.
  • rosario dawson is HOT.
  • i’d totally watch a movie with rose mcgowan walking around with a machine gun for a leg. sweeet.
  • i swear to god, nicolas cage was on coke or something. during the ghost rider panel, he was fucking spaced out. you could tell everyone on the panel was feeling a tad uneasy.
  • on the spider-man 3 panel, i felt bad for topher grace because THREE TIMES he was asked “so how was it like to play venom?”
  • when asked what kind of super power he’d want, thomas hayden church replied “i’d want to control corn. and i’d be called the CORN COB GOBLIN.” that made my day. thomas hayden church also looked really uncomfortable during the q&a and you could tell he was thinking “who the fuck are these people?”
  • does it anyone find it ironic that mary jane is played by a blonde (kirsten dunst) and gwen stacy is going to be played by a redhead (bryce dallas howard)?
  • i forgive kevin smith for being really late because he was hilarious for his q&a. i plan on using the phrase “cumcatcher moustache” more often.

  • i’m melting…

    July 22, 2006

    arrived at ontario last night around 11, about an hour late. this is the 2nd time i’ve taken the last flight out of oakland to ontario on a thursday and both times they’ve been delayed.

    it is motherfucking HOT in riverside. at least i’ve been sleeping well. when i’m at home, it’s just deep sleep without dreams. i’ve been dealing with a lot of tossing and turning, waking up at 4am and not going back to sleep until 5, etc. so this is really nice. but i do miss the cool weather in sf.

    i have two mosquito bites. one on my left thumb, the other on the cartilage above my left ankle. that’s not right.

    at costco, i saw my old violin teacher. it’s been like…10 years? he said “you look like a korean movie star. i don’t know his name. it’s the hair.” swear to god. as usual, i said nothing in return out of sheer surprise.

    my mom asked me if i had a gf now. here’s how the conversation went:
    mom: “you have girlfriend now?”
    me: “no…i was just dating somone”
    mom: “i thought you were with a korean girl…”
    me: “yeah, we’re not dating anymore”
    mom: “what happened?”
    me: “um, she stopped talking to me”
    mom: “why? because you’re not interesting?”
    me: “no! gosh…well…”


    comic con tomorrow. sweeeeet!

    living in bars

    July 16, 2006

    i’ve spent much of this weekend in an altered state.

    i want to be awesome.

    musings of a neurotic asian guy who wishes he was irish

    July 10, 2006

    ooh, that’d make an excellent title for my memoirs. or this blog. hmmmmmm.

    feeling contemplative these days. if my life were the sims right now, all my meters would be in the mid-range where the green is going towards the red. except for the bathroom one. i just took a crap.

    i’d like to meet more interesting people. people who can tell stories. most guys are looking for hot girls but goddamnit, i’m looking for people i can have a conversation with. i don’t remember where people work but i do remember awesome drunk stories.

    i don’t understand my gender at times. we make stupid decisions. i don’t understand women at times either. i guess i don’t understand people in general.

    i need to settle down my imagination.

    i’ve been reading y: the last man and it would totally suck to be the last guy. way too much estrogen.

    i’m thinking about moving this blog to wordpress. i have a copy of it here. thoughts?

    i think it’d be sweet to be irish.