last fruit pic for 2002.

December 31, 2002

last fruit pic for 2002. enjoy!


i suddenly have a newfound

December 30, 2002

i suddenly have a newfound respect for oranges now. i don’t know why. btw, her name’s kelly monaco.

what’s more depressing? alone on

December 29, 2002

what’s more depressing? alone on new year’s or alone on valentine’s day?

i know i’ve been lacking

December 29, 2002

i know i’ve been lacking in the picture department. it’s because sleep and metroid prime have been sucking up all my time. just ONE more missile explansion. frick. so i’m going to attempt to post pictures all this week. i’m aiming for all fruit pictures but if that fails, then random nudity it is.

got this pic through a link from li’s site. it’s dominique swain from “lolita” posing for PETA. i don’t really care for PETA but that movie made me feel kinda funny.

thousands of troops are being

December 27, 2002

thousands of troops are being sent to iraq.
north korea tells UN inspectors to get out and that it wants to restart a lab capable of producing plutonium for nukes.
supposedly a religious sect has produced the first human clone.
retailers are at a 30 year slump.
a surge in U.S. home sales has set a new record.
800,000 jobless workers are going to lose their unemployment benefits.

does any of this make sense?

by the way, if you

December 26, 2002

by the way, if you read this blog and don’t comment, then for the love of god, do so. i won’t be as paranoid when i get a random IM referring to the stuff on this blog. so yeah, just comment. or else i’ll throw some monkey poo.

things that make me laugh:

December 26, 2002

things that make me laugh:
porn dialogue
the simpsons
family guy
dogs doing it in the road
yum’s blog
ironic situations
people who assume that me and nancy are “involved” – funny but seriously, wtf
bad roommate stories
random name calling

on and on and on…