wha wha

October 31, 2003

sometimes, them bitches BE CRAZZZZAAAAAYYYYY!


October 29, 2003

i thought i saw a lot of cute chicks on campus today. then i asked myself “are there really more cute girls on campus or are hormones fucking with me?” i’m leaning toward the latter.

at safeway yesterday, i was in the condiment section and there was this lady there with three or four kids yammering for some random chocolate oatmeal that they kept saying was their “favorite” even though they’d forget about it in a few minutes. she looked at me with sad, tired, and distraught eyes. i wanted to tell her “it’s alright, when they get to my age, you’ll probably want them to be that age again.” but instead, i looked away and stared at paul newman.

where are they now?

October 28, 2003

what happened to…

wally joyner?
the guy who played ‘balki’ from perfect strangers?
elian gonzalez?
new kids on the blocks?
bud from married with children?
the guy who wrote the never ending story?
the fat girls from the facts of life?
the boys from ET?
the dad from the wonder years?

please add more. if you have information about what happened to them, comment.

a little bit of self-deprecation

October 27, 2003

i spent some time organizing my hard drive today and i ran across this picture. guess who made it? some immature middle schooler? nah, it was harold. that fucker.

tomorrow, i just might put up this really bad picture of nancy…unless she kicks my ass.


October 26, 2003

saw this on my way to class on fri after running into aaron and nancy as they were taking a break from staying up all night for eecs150. i thought about the coronal mass ejections that were supposed to happen that day when i looked up at the sky.

went to a restaurant/club in SF called jazz nouveau. the singer was allan harris and he had one of those velvety voices. if you have lots of money, i highly recommend it. if not, continue eating your top ramen and eggo waffles.


October 26, 2003



October 24, 2003

aaron and nancy keep a log of how long they’ve been working on their eecs150 project. i think i’ll keep a log of how long i see them in the apartment. today’s count would be half an hour.

sheena’s latest post is particularly scathing. but it’s not unwarranted. in middle school, she put my friend david sakai through a lot of shit. david’s a nice guy. so that’s fucked up.

this article makes a lot of good points.

madame chiang kai-shek is dead at the age of 105.