weekend update

haven’t blogged in a while. guess things have been going well so i haven’t felt the need to vent and nothing’s been very “i need to blog about this!”

newsworthy items:

  • woke up at 8am to find that part of the macarthur maze had collapsed on itself. there are some crazy photos on sfgate. for once, they didn’t say “terrorism was ruled out as a cause.”
  • saw my friends erin and johnny today before they left on their road trip around the country in a vanagon. i envy them.
  • have a new gf. her name is super k.
  • currently reading: the road and kafka by the shore. just finished world war z and pride of baghdad. still working on lolita and requiem for a dream.
  • i’m really enjoying the planet earth series on the discovery channel. nature is awesome.

that is all for now.


2 Responses to weekend update

  1. erin says:

    well, i’m expecting some beer in the mail now.

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