i want to ride my bicycle

May 31, 2006

woot. new bike! i will soon be entering a new form of geekery.

things are looking pretty good.


May 28, 2006

it’s not so bad dating someone new.

weekend update

May 22, 2006

highlights of my weekend (starting thursday)
staff cruise (much beer and wine is consumed). dancing ensudes. hooray! it’s only 5pm and i’m wasted!
80s music at the cat club. more drinking and dancing. i need to catch up on the 80s.
classic combo. t-rock + thalassa. the night did not end with tequila shots or me puking outside of thalassa. since sun hong kong no longer exists, i cannot stumble my way over there for food.
jack in the box with very drunk ed (the other ed) and terry. i end up with a parking ticket because they supposedly do street cleaning in the tenderloin at 3am on saturdays (yeah right).
hanging out on the berkeley campus. lying on the grass outside of vlsb with isabel and stacey. much sun is soaked in. and it turns out i heart bill paxton?
cherry garcia in a waffle cone.
i end up playing ultimate frisbee for the first time since middle school. i am really out of shape.
shuffleboard at raleighs. shuffleboard is awesome.
buying liquor from safeway at 7am.
getting wasted at b2b 2006 with my trusty robot hat.

b2b 2006

May 22, 2006

bay to breakers is the only day you can go into a safeway at 7am, buy mgd and a bottle of jack and not have the cashier look at you funny. good shit.

more nude people. more crazy costumes. and i’m even more wasted than the year before. it’s really hard to juggle a camera, a flask full of whiskey, and a beer but i did it. pictures will soon be up.

i only walked to my apt but decided to check out the craziness in the park after a bit with jon. we saw a lot of awesome costumes and floats. my personal favorites were the katamari damacy ball and the municide bus. there were a lot of duke lacrosse players and pirates.

how rad is this?

untitled 001

May 6, 2006

i think to myself a lot
where the hell was i last night?

summer time

May 4, 2006

so the kiddies at cca (though i shouldn’t be saying kiddie cause most of them are my age and a good chunk are older than me but i like to say kiddies) are going to be finished tomorrow, most of them at least. and so that means it’ll be summer time. less students. less stress. more chair races.

i’m also done with class. i learned a few things here and there but i think i’ll take something more skill oriented next time. maybe a drawing class?

here are the pics of the foam model of the shoe i made:

here are the drawings:

i’m actually quite impressed with the drawings considering that i’ve never taken a class before and don’t really draw.

summer plans:
read marvel’s civil war series
go on a vacation (seattle? vegas? bangkok?)
get a bike
brew more beer