have you ever thought about

May 30, 2002

have you ever thought about the passage of time and whether it’s a curse or a blessing? right now, it feels like a curse. i don’t want time to continue right now. i don’t want to think about the future. the future is a tad scary right now. but i guess that’s why time feels like a curse since humans have an innate fear of the the unknown and time keeps moving us further into the unknown. then again, it’s what distinguishes us from the animals. would that be so bad?

it’s hot. very fucking hot.

May 30, 2002

it’s hot. very fucking hot. like, it’s so hot i’m questioning if i need to wear clothes. hmmm. i had a discussion with tracy today whether guys/girls dig tanlines on the opposite sex. opinions?

i’m posting because i’m bored. boredom also produced this blog. hmmm, i sense a trend here…

i was thinking how i have no idea how to approach writing this blog. i want to be funny but i end up just being cynical funny. that’s nice and all but most people shrug it off. is there a way to be attractive funny but not corny funny?

it’s still hot. damnit.

jennifer from the CMP sent this to me. i laughed my ass off. i hope you will too.

i feel like i’m stuck in a continuous weekend loop.

what day is it today?

May 29, 2002

what day is it today? oh, it’s wednesday. it just feels like an eternal saturday afternoon to me. and it’s really really hot. living in berkeley has certainly lowered my tolerance for hot weather so now i think 80 degrees is hot. crap.

as you can see (you = the 3 people who actually read this page, including myself), i changed the layout of the blog. i liked the robot one but i wanted a few extra things like column to add links and stuff. also, this layout goes more with the pattyson airplane thing. patty = fruit = fruit layout for his blog. yeah. i also changed a few colors here and there because light green text and pinkish links do not go well.

i’m supposed to be vacuuming but i’m just being a lazy ass. it’s what this hot riverside weather does to me. actually, i’m just a lazy ass in general.

what’s that you ask? it’s the view outside of my house. those are supposed to be mountains but they’re being covered by SMOG. i probably have smoker’s lungs due to breathing all this smog for so many years of my life. great.

it’s 12:15 and i feel gross so i’ll go take a shower.

woohoo. i found out that

May 28, 2002

woohoo. i found out that i’m worth $1,983,690.00 at www.humanforsale.com. isn’t that cool? i guess i’m not that worthless. or am i?

saw spider-man today with the family. the FAMILY. it was really good. the love story was a whole lot better than Episode 2’s by far. but yoda still kicks everyone’s ass.

i should sleep. i haven’t had much of it in the last few days. i’m running on my nighttime berkeley schedule but waking up by riverside standards.

i’m going to spend all day tomorrow fixing computers. whoo.

wow. this is weird. i’m

May 27, 2002

wow. this is weird. i’m writing a blog. why? cause i got bored. and this hard drive is really pissing me off. i also figure that summer is going to atrophy my brain so i figure i might as well slow its decay by writing random bullshit. i hope to avoid the pratfalls of other blogs by not writing about the following:

1) being really depressed
2) looking for a significant other
3) i don’t know about number 3, i just like things in threes. oh well.

i’ll probably end up writing about those but not in huge “geez, would he just stop talking about that stuff already?” quantities.

location: home. which is riverside. 60 miles east of LA. full of smog and suburbia. it’s quite quiet right now as usual. when most people think of riverside, they laugh.

i went to dinner with a whole lot of relatives today on my mom’s side to celebrate my grandma’s 90th birthday. the BIG 9-0. that’s insane…90 years old. and she’s in pretty good shape too actually–she can still walk (with a cane though, but yoda uses a cane and he’s well, the SHIT). as i was looking around the dinner table, i was thinking how each of these people have a significant chunk of my grandma’s DNA in them (except for my dad, that would make no sense) and it amazed me that she’s alive to see all these generations of her family. there was also a wedding reception going on too. the people had rented out pretty much the entire restaurant ($300 a table and there were like 20-30 tables) and they had people doing karaoke of Chinese and English songs. most notably the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” and that one Shaggy song. i’m not good with pop music. oh well. go grandma!