young blood

August 29, 2003


i will not sell my soul, fake a smile, and dress myself up so i can get a 9-5 job in front of a computer inside a cubicle. i do not want to use the words ‘motivated’, ‘organized’, ‘improved’, or ‘revitalized.’ i do not want to talk about my strengths, weaknesses, or where i see myself in five years. am i right for this company? is this company right for me? i don’t give a shit.

but how will i be able to survive and buy top ramen?

my family is sooooo crazy

August 27, 2003

it’s reading stuff from harold’s blog that makes me thing that i could be somewhat normal. then again, i post fruit porn so what the hell do i know?

go 3585!

damn you

August 24, 2003

after having gotten something over the weekend (102.8 fever!), i’m not too happy to start the school year. again. since it means more people around campus, buying books (money that i could spend on more useful things like booze and drugs), classes, and other shit. the only thing that makes me happy is this picture. and sexual favors.

her name is mika motosugi.

make up

August 24, 2003

i didn’t post a fruit pic last week because i was in napa with the family. enjoy some late fruit.


August 22, 2003

Study: Calif. City Has Worst Air in U.S.

your next word is “patrick lee”

August 21, 2003

urban dictionary’s definition of “patrick lee”

sick it

August 20, 2003

five dollar diamonds