May 30, 2004

peter boyle, the dad from “everybody loves raymond”, had this to say in the “what i’ve learned” feature of esquire:

I had doubts. I had doubts in faith. I was twenty years old, which is a very hard time in anybody’s life, I don’t care what they say. Anybody who makes it through twenty and twenty-one is really tough.

think he hit it spot on.

blogging for blog’s sake

May 28, 2004

moving out is always kind of sad. even if you’re moving next door. but what really freaks me out is how much stuff you collect over the years.

good god. so. much. crap.

and everyone’s going to be gone. just like the first week i was in my old apartment. constant loneliness. but back then i didn’t have electricity for the first two days, no (fast) internet for the first two, and no phone for the first week either because of some pacbell (now sbc) snafu.

so things aren’t as bad.

went to a cat power show. i was hoping it’d be one of those awe-inspiring, heart wrenching shows but it was her typical freaking out, half played songs, and erraticism (is that a word?). there wasn’t even an encore! so she’s a certified lunatic.

still love her albums though.

busy busy bee

May 23, 2004



graduation parties.



i leave you with this quote from the ‘starcrossed’ episode of justice league.

batman: they are the most complicated creatures in the universe.
green lantern: sorry?
batman: women.


b2b 2004

May 17, 2004

despite only having had 4 hours of sleep, i went to bay to breakers 2004 with my robot hat in tow. even though it’s technically a race, it’s more like a roaming street party in SF coupled with flying tortillas, mobile beer floats, strange costumes, and yes, the lack of ANY sort of costume.

it took the top finishers about 35 min to run the 12k (almost 7.5 miles) race. me? about 4 hours. it turns out beer wants to make you pee.

gorgeous weather, naked people, crazy ass people, free alcohol.

quintessential SF.


my favorite one

in heaven

May 15, 2004

i finally found bang gang’s cover of “in heaven” from david lynch’s “eraserhead.”