crazy vegas

January 30, 2006

i am TIRED.

got back from vegas around midnight after a 30 minute delay on my flight and waiting at the bart station forever.

but that doesn’t really matter.

ate a lot, drank a lot, and didn’t sleep a lot. but it was fuuun.

stayed at the venetian, gambled at the mirage, partied at caesars, and ate everywhere. treasure island, bellagio, and wynn.

yes, waited for 2 and a half hours to get into pure again. but whatever. supposedly, brad pitt was there? i dunno. but there are pictures of me, aaron, and ed dancing with each other. i wonder if they’ll end up on the internet. videos too. damnit.

line passes are a BEAUTIFUL thing. “i’d like a line pass for the buffet.” bam! right to the front. oh yeah, prime rib at the wynn is just fantastic.

my formula for buffets:

prime rib

cocktail shrimp

prime rib

cocktail shrimp

prime rib

cocktail shrimp


ok, throw in a little bit of fruit and miscellaneous items.

the best part of vegas is that you can take your drinks anywhere. and that includes the airport.

nothing starts the day off better than a swig of jack.

resolutions ’06 cont’d

January 15, 2006

I don’t know why I’m blogging this (actually, why do I blog anything?) but here are some more things I’d like to do this year (some are just more detailed descriptions about what I blogged about before).

1. Write in proper case in this blog. I think it feels…cleaner.

2. Read a chapter out of the 2-3 books that are on plate everyday. I’m working on “Requiem for a Dream” and “The Google Story”.

3. Listen to a new song everyday.

4. Cook a new dish once a week.

5. Go out to a new restaurant once a week.

Maybe I’m obsessed with lists…

severe weather alert – san francisco

January 15, 2006

i like words.

that is all.

please use the handrail

January 12, 2006

been at macworld the last couple of days. have to go back tomorrow morning. attending the macit conference, learning about stuff you probably don’t care about. like cross-realm implementation between apple’s open directory and microsoft active directory. or using netboot to maintain a large number of laptops. wooo.

checked out some of the new apple computers with intel processors. big move. pretty damn slick. there was a lot of ipod stuff on the floor that i didn’t really care about.

i’ve been reading the da vinci code and i can see why you want to keep reading it but it’s not very good. i can’t believe some people took that stuff as TRUTH. are they crazy? maybe i’m just being an elitist. oh, and that part about the priory using english because it’s the one language that’s not tied to the languages of the vatican (french, italian, and spanish). PLEASE. english has borrowed a significant chunk from french (the norman conquest of england in 1066?). if you want a language that’s removed from the romance languages, then use icelandic.

i’d ramble more but i don’t think i should.

resolutions ’06

January 8, 2006

things i ought to get around to doing this year:

1. write more. hopefully once a day in this blog.

2. read more.

3. exercise more.

4. be a better son. call parents more often.

5. be a better boyfriend. call donna more often.

6. take the GRE? eek.

7. make more beer.

8. win first place in pizza nights.

9. finish metroid prime 2. heh.

10. floss everyday. wear my retainer (despite HATING the mofo).