i’m a maniac!

August 29, 2005

man, i had more posts in me than i thought.

i have a guilty pleasure.

i like to browse thefacebook more often that i’d like to admit.

i think i’ve always been fascinated with biographies, what people are up to, that kind of shit. no wonder i was in yearbook. but yearbook was bullshit. i’m just interested in what people are doing with their lives.

a lot of people are going off to school, starting yet another new job, moving to somewhere else. yada yada yada.

but looking in on myself, i’m still here in san francisco after a year. still here in the bay area after 5 years. my job’s alright. i meet people around my age, there’s occasionally free booze, and it’s not corporate (yet). i like my apartment. i live in a nice part of the city. i have friends here too. they come and go but it’s not hard. i have a gf who’s nice enough to call me on my shit. thank you donna. and i have time to read. mucho important.

life’s good.

how about you?

this is donna

August 28, 2005

hi all,
patrick hadn’t updated in awhile and i kept bugging him about it. finally, to get me to shut up he voluntarily gave me authoring privilges (weird how his mind works, huh). anyway, i figured you are all here to read about him, not me. so hmm…ok. here are some tidbits about patrick you might or might not know:

-he secretly likes going clubbing
-he always goes for the salad. one time at the mall he ordered the vegetable platter, i ordered a cheeseburger with fries, and the waitress was confused.
another example: one time he was at mel’s diner and he ordered the….fruit cup.
-he bought a paper shredder and it takes up half his bedroom

that’s it for now. we’ll see if this was enough to get my new privileges revoked 😛

fuck i lost a post

August 28, 2005

damnit, i was writing a post about this article “Colleges Try to Deal With Hovering Parents” but i totally lost it because i was being a dumbass and closed the damn browser.

it was totally about how i’m glad some colleges are taking a stand against crazy parents so their kids can grow up and how i’d like to thank my parents for not bugging me too much but i should call them more. they did raise me and everything and the least i could do is call them every once and a while.

then i wrote something about how me and harold got my dad to buy cigars and jack daniels one time. weird but awesome.

then something about how doug has thought about what to name his kids since like 8. and i thought that was weird since most guys i know never think of that stuff. and then i went off trying to search for that exact chat log because 8 sounds too young but then i ended up quitting the goddamn browser.

anyway, i don’t want to be a lame ass parent who obsesses with their child’s life and calls them every 10 minutes and handholds them through everything. and i bet all the middle schools are filled with cell phones now. i’m pretty sure i’ll say one day “i didn’t have a cell phone in middle school so you don’t need one.”

i’m going to be an awesome cranky old man.


katrina will fuck shit up

August 28, 2005

i’ve been reading about hurrican katrina today and the fucker sounds pretty damn scary. 175mph winds, 28 ft surges of water, potential flooding of up to 30 ft, and a cesspool of toxic waste, sewage, and dead bodies.

sounds like fun!

but it’s real bad when you have to evacuate NEW ORLEANS. this isn’t some little town that no one’s ever heard of. it’s FREAKING NEW ORLEANS.

gas prices are going to skyrocket like mad too.

ain’t going to be fun down there anytime soon.

it’s millerton time

August 21, 2005

i know, cheesy title.

so i went camping at millerton lake this weekend, about 25 miles outside of fresno.

it was HOT.

i even dragged donna to it and she let me know every step of the way that camping is not her thing.

but i still think it’s great.

it’s nice to get away from problems like “hey, why can’t i check my e-mail?” and deal with stuff like “gee, how do i make this fire bigger?”

the best part of camping is that you don’t have to shower everyday.

take that civilization.