entropy is a bitch

October 25, 2004

dear entropy,

i hate you.

my room is a mess.

the power went out at the school i work at over the wekeend and caused all these servers to crash that i had to fix this morning.

bad hard drives too.

and that little incident over the weekend. what the hell was that?

again, my dirty room.

please don’t let the following happen:

1) bush getting re-elected
2) red sox losing the world series
3) shit getting fucked up

thank you.



October 19, 2004

fantastic weather we’re having in the bay area.

rain rain rain.

pouring buckets.

and i had to go to work at 7:30.

so i’m here at work and i can hear the water hitting the glass ceiling. kinda unnerving.

at my old job, there were always more problems on the days it rained.


this campbell’s select soup stuff isn’t bad.

i’m feeling awfully claustraphobic. did i spell that right.

right now, i just want to go back to sleep.

rainy day fun!


October 13, 2004

didn’t get that much done at work.

i hate printers.

but at least i got commenting to work on sheena’s blog.

and because of that, i am more awesome than you.


October 10, 2004

goodbye superman…


October 9, 2004

gmail drive extension

use your gmail account as an extra drive!

it really was all for nothing

October 7, 2004

U.S. Report Finds No Evidence of Iraq WMD


October 6, 2004

shit shit shit shit!

Sept. 10, 2004 – Tickets go on sale for Los Angeles performances (10/21 & 10/22) by Ben Folds w/ special guests William Shatner and Joe Jackson at the El Rey.