September 24, 2005

today was one of those days where i kept wondering what was wrong with me.

happy trees

September 21, 2005

holy crap. someone posted a dvd of bob ross episodes on the newsgroups.






September 12, 2005

fantastic posts:
be-eat-it or not. – bill poon finishes a FORTY-NINE OUNCE steak. awesome.

that rainbow business is a lie – bunny mcintosh rails on mtv’s my super sweet 16. i hate that show too. more than satan.

i really don’t want to sleep now.


September 11, 2005

i saw bob saget do standup in san jose with donna, verna and ryan.

very funny man.

also really really fucking dirty.

oh how my childhood was spoiled.

he also talked about the weird ass videos people would send him for america’s funniest home videos.

people are sick fucks.


September 6, 2005

FEMA Chief Sent Help Only When Storm Ended

i don’t understand this.

what has this country come to.