spring break xxx

March 29, 2004

while everyone else is going back to school tomorrow, i’m still going to be at home.

and the day after that too.


then it turns out that sheena’s flight from japan got redirected to SF and that the next direct flight to seattle from SFO is on tues.

so she’s stuck in SF until tuesday.

weird how that works out.

i’d like to call it reverse ass backward karma.

he’s back

March 27, 2004

harold bought jolt gum for me and it really has some kick to it.

2 pieces = 1 cup of coffee.

spent a few days in san diego with doug and reina. i had been stuck in riverside for three days before and hadn’t left the house either so it was needed.

i had meatloaf.

had a phone interview today. for a job in new york. totally blindsided by the questions. learned the word “blindside” from the west wing. made me feel impotent, idiotic, and incompetent afterwards.

i have my reservations about ny anyway.

did my normal blog check today. tony pierce posted tons of stuff that i’ll never get around to reading. even though anna’s my friend and all, her latest post made me cringe.

back it up

March 23, 2004

installed gallery last night.

it’s here.

nothing in it though.

might put pictures of me talking out of my ass (probably nsfw).

haven’t been out of the house for 3 days.


spring break

March 22, 2004

sheena is in japan. it’s cold there.

jon is working his ass off.

dlau is too.

doug is getting his wisdoom teeth taken out. all 4.

gen is in london. it’s cold there too.

harold is studying his ass off for finals. sucks to be him.

jack’s in berkeley.

fred too. cause he has to take care of aaron’s beer machine.

aaron. morris. sd. maybe las vegas.

mike. houston. yao country.

yang. “where’s mike?”

i know other people who are in new york, hawaii, the caribbean.

my ass is in riverside.


tuesday girl – anzu sayuri

March 16, 2004

been busy. that’s why this is going up on tuesday.

another freaky fruit pic. how the hell does patrick find them?

it’s about 76 in my room right now and i love it. just fantastic weather.

people look better when the weather is good. guess why?

it really creeps me out when my landlord says “patrick, there are new tenants in the building. they’re GIRLS too.”


i want to live the american dream.

yes, i want tivo.