October 30, 2005

my body has taken a toll after having stayed up until 4am in the last 3 days. just like the good old days. aaron and nancy were up for the weekend. it felt like the good old days. good times, good times.

i reminisce about the time at my old apartment a lot. maybe more than i should.

sore throat, tired, and feeling like crap. blah. doesn’t help that it’s kinda cold now.

new restaurants visited in the last 3 days:

old ones revisited:
memphis minnie’s
slow club
lucky penny

bars visited:
triple rock

oy vey.

i hurt.

i don’t know why but i was helping ed finish a bottle of jack last night. we ended up yelling a lot, fucking around, and having a good old time with aaron and nancy watching us make asses of ourselves. i was also wearing my spider-man underwear.

spider-man, spider-man…


October 16, 2005

it’s quiet now.

i think harold tried calling me. he was probably drunk. the voicemail he left sounded loud and like he was partying. hooray for him.

i checked out the new de young museum. it was pretty cool. i liked the american photography section. a tad crowded though. like an airport. i prefer to look at art in silence.

donna made me mad today and i got her mad too. i was annoyed with her. it made me think of things. mostly wishes.

i’m also sad becaue cal lost to unranked oregon state because of stupid errors.

i’m going to sleep on my newly washed sheets.


October 5, 2005

tonight’s lost…

crazy. motherfuckers. total brainfuck.

lost is…




a cocktease.


i’m sucked in.


October 3, 2005

new supergrass album.

life is sweet.