oh man

July 27, 2005

i just imagined what life would be like as a hick.

drinks booze
watches tv all day
sits around and does nothing
eats crappy food

drinks booze
watches tv all day
sits around and does nothing
eats crappy food

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. interesting.

don’t eat that elephant

July 24, 2005

The Framing Wars

a really good article about framing, politics, why the democrats are losing, and george lakoff.

on the waterfront

July 24, 2005

went to santa cruz yesterday for verna and ryan’s b-day. they’re turning 23 and 28, respectively. summer birthdays always have the most fun. i know them through donna. we hung out on the boardwalk. i always dig the
splash mountain clone at amusement parks.

i like to live vicariously through other people’s birthday parties because i never get to have a big celebration around my birthday. november 26 falls on a bad time of the year for birthdays.

santa cruz reminds me a lot of san juan capistrano and the times i spent there when my parents wanted to visit some friends. lot of water, lot of boats, lot of fish.

donna’s probably going to hate the fact that i posted pictures on my flickr account.

oh well.

is there a city with sunny beaches, a bustling downtown, a nearby mountain and a big park all packed into one? closest thing i can think of is vancouver but it’s beaches are probably way too damn cold.

i read kevin’s livejournal a lot (i don’t think i’ll link it unless he wants me to) and i always admire how he’s really into math and what he’s studying over at cal. all the people who comment on his blog also seem really into whatever they’re into. i never really got into what i studied (cognitive science and linguistics) and all i ever use it for now is to add funny little anecdotes in conversations. “did you know the th- sound is rare amongst the world’s languages?” i have yet to figure out what i’m truly passionate about but it doesn’t worry me now that i haven’t found it. i’ve realized that when people try to search for something without having any real idea, more often than not, what you’re looking for will come to you.

my brain isn’t feeling the blog and i’m feeling disappointed with the post above so i’ll go make a sandwich and fix the goddamn switch in my bathroom.


July 20, 2005

Ed: what are you doing this wkd?
Me: uh
Me: donna’s friend’s birthday thing on sat
Me: sunday, free
Me: friday night, free
Ed: fuck
Ed: free up saturday
Me: ?
Ed: you wont regret it
Me: it’s an all day thing
Me: what is it/
Ed: v.e.g.a.s.
Me: no…

add it up

July 19, 2005

i got a pro flickr account. i have about 1 gb worth of photos starting from 1999.

upload upload upload.