read bill’s latest entry. it’s

October 29, 2002

read bill’s latest entry. it’s hilarious. and i thought my love life was bad. i hope he does get married in 3 days, that’d rock.

either i’m falling in love or i’m constipated. either way, i end up in the bathroom.

so me, aaron, and

October 27, 2002

so me, aaron, and nancy went to target yesterday. nancy wanted sandals. while she was trying in vain to find sandals (it’s cold now!), i saw these homer slippers. i thought “OH MY GOD! COOL!” i showed them to her. we bought them on impulse. aaron thinks we’re weird. he wanted the pikachu slippers.

wacky shit is cool. ok, so it isn’t softcore fruit porn. you might get that later in the week. this is funnier than fruit porn. what does this picture remind you of?

Ladder Theory got this from

October 26, 2002

Ladder Theory

got this from Li’s site. although i don’t trust a guy named dallas, the cynic that is me loves this shit. i could go into a metaphorical analysis of it but then i realized that would require using my brain. oh yeah, the weird thing is that the author used to live in riverside. wtf.

are there drunk dialectizers? something that would take “i am drunker than i’ve ever been before” into “a m arjc,r eta i’av eneave rbeen before.” there could be degress of drunkedness too. like 1 = “feeling sorta tingly” to 10 = “so fucking drunk that i would fuck a sheep if wasn’t covered lying unconscious in a pool of my own vomit.”

BRUCE: Everything’s changed for me

October 26, 2002

BRUCE: Everything’s changed for me in the past few weeks. The pain of my parents’ deaths… It’s still there, but it seems smaller. And there’s a new feeling now.
BARBARA: Which would be?
BRUCE: It’s a lightness. A sense that things will work out for the best.
TIM: It’s called happiness.
BRUCE: Whatever it is, I like it.

have you ever thought about

October 25, 2002

have you ever thought about kicking a small child? yeah, same here.

i just woke up from

October 21, 2002

i just woke up from another evening nap feeling groggy. my head’s in this haze. i’m trying to read but i lose my concentration after a few sentences. a person at my work was found dead in his apartment last week and i’m trying to figure out if i want to attend a memorial service on thursday. i was pretty friendly with the guy but i hardly knew him. my grandma is sick. i wonder if i’ll get to see her by thanksgiving. it’s getting colder and greyer in berkeley. the work doesn’t seem to end. one midterm this week, a paper due the next. on and on. sometimes my pictures of hot women with fruit can’t cheer me up. (goes back to sleep)

update: still awake. for some reason, i have a subscription to blender and the magazine really sucks. i just saw a huge closeup of that freaky michael jackson picture. like the one yang has for his buddy icon. there was a picture of moby…naked…wearing only a sock ala red hot chili peppers. there was an entire article on the world’s worst band, the donnas and they gave their new album a good review. wtf.

damn, i hardly post

October 20, 2002
take a bit out of crime

damn, i hardly post anymore. i’m going to run with this chicks with fruits thing until it dies. i’ll put up the alyson hannigan picture later. i like this apple more.