home is where i feel like a narcopleptic

December 26, 2005

dry and warm here in riverside. in sf, it’s been raining raining raining. it’s a nice change of pace.

i’ve been sleeping in my old bed and i’ve noticed that my quality of sleep is much higher. i go to sleep around 12 and get the urge to wake up around 8:30. no grogginess. but i get the feeling that i could sleep even longer. i get this paralyzed feeling over my body when i try to get up as if the gravity around me is on super high. it’s a strange feeling.

if i had decided to move back home after graduation, i think i would have felt the same feeling overall. paralysis.

still trying to figure out what to do for new year’s…


December 16, 2005

‘West Wing’ Actor John Spencer Dies at 58

my favorite actor on the west wing. RIP.

pizza night

December 12, 2005

there’s a weekly pizza night at my apt. usually on mondays.

includes lots of wine.

i stepped it up today by including a bottle of jack.

i love jack.

thank you ed for making me love jack even more.

i had to pinch hit today with my pizza. walnuts, cranberries, pears with spinach and feta cheese. i won 2nd place.

i hope i’m not hungover tomorrow.

what’s with christmas?

December 11, 2005

i have a secret. as much as i seem like a grumpy old man, there are times when i actually LIKE all this christmas stuff. the music, the rampant consumerism, the lights, the decorations, all that jazz.

all due to the charlie brown christmas soundtrack.

but i don’t like how long the christmas season lasts, which starts in july or something. by the time christmas day comes, it’s anti-climactic. like big whoop dee do.

i don’t know how to spell whoop dee do.


December 11, 2005

went to tahoe on friday.

snowboarded at northstar on saturday.

i am SORE.

i’m just posting this to try out ecto.

dooodle do

December 6, 2005

is there a random title generator for movable type?

i need to revamp this blog.

i want to know everything.