aunt bee

September 28, 2004

bush’s hometown paper endorses kerry


September 28, 2004

bush kerry timeline


September 26, 2004

driving up the 280 in the middle of the night.

pitch black.

moon casting a strange glow.

cat power – he war playing in the background.

there are some things on my mind.

keeping me sane

September 21, 2004

i love you ipod.

must be the colors

September 15, 2004

the bus i ride everyday to work. – scroll down and check out baja to vancouver.

there’s this fat sign at my work that says “WELCOME TO VANCOUVER.”

if it were only true.

beware hipsters. they don’t know a damn thing.


September 13, 2004

damnit, i was going to post glorious pictures of my ipod.

but i can’t find the cable to my camera.


work’s been busy. real busy.

“how do i do…hey, the printers aren’t working. why isn’t this printing? can you please help me? pleease…”


art schmart.

a lot of the students seem to be loaded. mommy and daddy pay for everything. i don’t think this produces good art. i think the best art comes from taking risks and pushing the limits.

can’t really push the limits if you’re driving a lexus.

i want to buy this book.

that makes me a nerd.

people who haven’t updated for a while:

people should never forget this day

September 11, 2004