dead button

July 30, 2003

this is my mouse. a logitech cordless mouseman wheel. i’ve had it for about 4 years and i love it. but it’s slowly dying. the left button is become harder and harder to click. so that makes me sad. so what am i supposed to do?

1) buy a new mouse. easiest solution but i don’t really like what’s out there. the mx700 looks cool and all with its nifty recharging station but i don’t like it. the mouseman design ruled and they had to fuck it up.

2) find my mouse somewhere in the depths of ebay. i dunno about those people on ebay. they smell like cheese. and i’d have to have another rf receiver laying around. bah.

3) cut off my right hand and attach my mouse to the resulting stump. it worked for ash in evil dead II so why not here? it’s not like i use my right hand for anything anyway…oh…wait…

sucks to be y

July 28, 2003

yet another reason why i thank my lucky stars for being a male:

the pill ain’t all that great


July 28, 2003

the free stuff section on craigslist is oddly addicting.

boxing’s been good to me

July 27, 2003

this is ai katou. born dec. 12th 1982. enjoys swimming. and i guess boxing and grapes too. i like the conflicting messages this pic is sending. “ooh, look! she’s eating a grape in a seductive manner!” vs. “dude, if you get near her she’ll clock your ass with a mean uppercut.”


i vant to suck your blood

July 27, 2003

went to the gilroy garlic festival today where 15,000 people come each year to bake in the hot sun and enjoy all things garlic like…garlic ice cream and bbq garlic rattlesnake. the highlight of the day was taking a picture with mr. garlic. the dude’s sporting a huge garlic costume! where can i get one of these?

i think it’d be really fun to go around the garlic festival next year dressed up as a vampire. i’d walk around all apprehensive and ask every food vendor “does it have garlic in it?” then i’d meet mr. garlic and act like i had met my arch-enemy. sweet.

aaron, fred, mr. garlic, me, and dlau. i think mr. garlic was touching my ass.

lies lies lies

July 26, 2003

on friday, july 11th, harold posted this in his blog:

Today, my mom told me to take out the trash and I was like ‘Ma, I gotta finish mah hot pocket!’ and she said ‘Hells no, you take out the trash or I gonn’ push the button!’ Even though I didn’t know what she was talking about, I didn’t want to ask her what button, because she seemed pretty mad enough as it was. When I finished, I asked her what button, and she said she was bullshitting me.

True story.

i didn’t believe it at first because my mom doesn’t say “hells no” or make up shit about pushing some magic button. it just seemed too weird to be true. but harold kept saying it was true so i eventually accepted it.

but today i learned that harold was fucking with me.

that fucker.

rock your dime

July 26, 2003

probably the coolest music video i’ve seen in a while:

junior senior – move your feet