nothing new…

December 31, 2006

haven’t written in the ol’ blog in a while. i don’t have much to say – well, not much would enlighten the world.

back in the city now. it feels good. i think i can only be at home for a week at the max. i’m surprised that there weren’t any huge fights at home. or in restaurants. or in malls. every time i leave the city, i realize how good the food is in SF.

i haven’t been writing in this blog but i have been yelping a lot recently. i blame ed m.

i’ve also been watching a lot of curb your enthusiasm. i think i could have been a neurotic jew in a previous life.

what else is new. oh yeah, saddam hussein, gerald ford, and james brown are dead. the afterlife just got a whole lot more interesting.

oh yeah, went to the holiday bowl with aaron, nancy, and morris and saw cal whoop on texas a&m (45-10). just some beautiful plays from cal. living in sf and working at an art school, you really don’t meet a lot of people who are that big into sports but there’s something pure about sports. you have teams that have to play by set of rules with a winner and a loser at the end. it’s simple.

oh yeah, random little thing. i looked up john waters on imdb because he was in jackass 2 (funny movie by the way) and it said that he frequently casts patty hearst, who was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army in 1974. turns out she was held in apartment #6 on 1827 golden gate ave, only 6 blocks away from my old apartment on hayes and lyon. crazy. then i thought about who’s living in that apartment now. if that person even knows about what happened there. or if they go around saying “yeah, i live in the apartment that patty hearst was held captive in.” if the people living there, in attempt to be ironic, hold “patty hearst was brainwashed here!” parties.

i’d like to go to that party.

i heart cary tennis

December 18, 2006

my boyfriend freaked out because i had a threesome 

cary tennis’ response to the chick is great. just great.

take that trojans

December 3, 2006

yeah, cal beat stanfurd but if anyone watched the game, it can be summed up in one word. LAME.

the story of the day (or the year) was ucla beating usc, 13-9. so sweet.