dude, it’s a boob…

September 21, 2006

Boing Boing: Man fixes PCs in exchange for second base

i’ve fixed computers for less but i like how this guy is aiming high…

baby i’m coming home

September 21, 2006

so i’ve decided to not go home for thanksgiving this year. but before you go off asking “well, you don’t hate your parents patrick, why would you do that?”, i’ve also decided to go back home the weekend BEFORE thanksgiving. i think it’s quite brilliant actually. tickets are cheaper, it’s way less stressful, and i get TWO thanksgivings. why didn’t i think of this before?

i’ll probably end up at a friend’s place or something and if all else fails, i can get a fresh roasted turkey sandwich with cranberry from the arguello supermarket. also, i really don’t want to be at home for my birfday.

best day evar?

September 18, 2006

so anyone who’s in the bay area knows that this weekend has been AMAZING in terms of weather. warm (but not too warm), sunny, and effing fantastic.

i just came back from a day of laying out in the sun at the park and the beach. that’s it. lying. reading. more importantly, i’ve been reading lolita and sure it’s about a pedophile but it’s a really well written book about a pedophile. i’m trying to get rid of this awful farmer’s tan that i have. it’s like night and day.

now the best thing about best days is that they actually start the day before. me and sarah o went bar hopping along polk street (terry was going to come out too but he was sick). we started at bigfoot lodge which is a pretty awesome place because the inside looks like a log cabin and there’s a freaking sweet statue of a sasquatch. so sweet.

while sipping down jack and cokes and seven and sevens in front of their faux fireplace, this guy asks us if we want tickets to the show at the red devil lounge because he had an expired ID and they wouldn’t let him in. i don’t know why he didn’t just scalp them or something but whatever, we scored free tickets. i think they overheard us talking about going to more concerts. and the crazy thing was that the tickets were for VAST, who i’ve actually HEARD OF. i listened to vast back in high school. the place was full of white dudes who were still doing the goth/metal thing and so i felt pretty out of place being an asian dude rocking the hipster attire and lacking any sort of tattoos. we stayed for a few songs but the red devil lounge was hot as hell (haha, get it?) so we were sweating buckets and decided to take off.

unfortunately, we ran into the couple who gave us the tickets and so we had to pretend that show was over and that it was totally awesome when in fact, it was just alright. the guy tried to play it off that he wasn’t pissed about us squandering his tickets but you could tell.

after wandering around aimlessly for a bit to find the lush lounge and thus finding it to be packed, we went back to this super dive that we had passed by and i’m glad we went in cause it’s now my favorite bar EVAR. i’m not going to name it for fear of other people finding it but we went in and the bartenders were a bunch of old korean ladies (i think they were korean). there were about a dozen people in the bar which was BUSY for them. we were treated with bar snacks (chex mix + asian trail mix = HEAVEN) and a free round of jack and cokes (SUPER SWEET). one of the bartenders asked me if i was japanese or korean and i said chinese to which she said “you don’t look chinese…” was she looking me over to see if she could hook me up with her daughter? beats me but i’d take one for the team and date a bartender’s daughter so i could get free drinks.

we ended up at some random market in the area that sold pizzas and the night did end on damper note because sarah o ran into an ex-roommate who had screwed her out of $300 but it was fun watching her bitch this guy out in public. the thought did run through my mind that it’d be awesome to get into a fight but i’m glad it didn’t because i probably would have died.

so if you want to find out about this best bar evar, then you’ll have to join me and sarah o on tuesday for happy hour.


September 11, 2006

i just had a sweet sweet idea.


cause i have no shame

September 7, 2006

9:52:11 PM doowardo: horny
9:52:14 PM fireloong: i have to make use of my free ticket somehow
9:52:22 PM doowardo: horny

10:40:16 AM doowardo: you horny man

9:55:41 AM doowardo: you so horny

3:27PM doowardo: you horny bastard
3:27PM doowardo: qa: “yer horny?”


September 3, 2006

today was just a bad day for bay area sports in general…