gold lion

February 24, 2006

i dig the new single by the yeah yeah yeahs. gold lion. even though it sounds like tegan and sara. link to whacky video here.

weirdest video i have seen in a long time

now i have to design a shoe. fuuuuuun.

going to dream about aeroplanes now.

cardboard chair

February 20, 2006

like i promised, pictures of the cardboard chair i made.

i should probably put pictures of people actually sitting on it.

robot sex

February 12, 2006

this is such an awesome picture. i especially like how the jack daniels box is in the appropriate place. some crazy uw student? looks like uw.

tonight, tonight

February 11, 2006

worked on my cardboard chair today. it felt good to not be in front of a computer, working with my hands on something and just kind of zoning out.

i started working around 1 and stopped around 5. i probably would have kept working except donna came up.

she went to dinner with her friends on union street. i asked if i could come along but i guess it was one of those girls’ nights out things. i find the concept a bit strange but whatever. i don’t think guys ever *plan* for a guys’ night out. i just find it weird that my girlfriend is in the same city but we’re not doing anything together.

so i ate at a vietnamese restaurant and read “requiem for a dream.” i’ve never read anything quite like it so it puts me into a weird head space.

donna says that i’m a hermit and do too many things by myself. which is true. most of the time, i prefer it that way. but there is something to be said about spending too much time in your own head.


February 4, 2006

a list of random things:

wouldn’t it suck if the soundtrack to your life was silence?

i have that clap your hands and say yeah song stuck in my head.

i tried working on my cardboard chair today but nothing happened so i’m disappointed by that.

i slept for 13 hours last night and that worries me.

i am down.

i’m not all that excited about the super bowl.