March 30, 2006

i’ve had the lyrics to queens of the stone age’s “everybody knows that you are insane” stuck in my head all day and it felt rocktastic.

been reading coupland again. i’m pretty sure i do this on a yearly basis.

i’m pretty sure i’ll still be buying comic books when i’m 30.

a stomach full of flurries

March 29, 2006

went to hawaii. it rained. a lot. i have pictures. they’ll be up soon. enough said.


if you want people to think you’re darker than you actually are, just SAY you went to hawaii. i’m pretty sure i didn’t get darker because i only went out on one day but people seem to think so.

been keeping up on 24. that shit is intense!

also watching how i met your mother. nph (neil patrick harris – harold used the acronym) is excellent in it. i like shows with a quirky sense of humor. none of this “i slept with your best friend and now it’s all weird’ bullshit.


doug told me recently that he always pegged me as the first one to settle down. to get married and have kids. to which i say, “uh, wtf?”

today, i came up with the idea of an art installation. whatever that means. but anyway, it involves building a gigantic wal-mart in iraq and making every iraqi an employee. i’d photoshop iraqis working at wal-mart. “oh, i do love working at wal-mart, i even bought a hummer! from aisle 15!”

i do wonder about what goes through my head at times.

my weekend in seattle

March 21, 2006

so i spent the weekend in seattle. since i’ve been there before, i didn’t do all the sightseeing stuff, just hung around with good friends and relaxed. maybe a bit too much. pretty much just ate, drank, smoked, and watched basketball. oh yeah, i rode a bike. that was nice.

i guess i could tell you everything but quynh-an already wrote about it in extreme detail so you should just read that. i had a grand ol’ time (and not so great times) and one of the best trips i’ve ever been on.

usually, when i come back from vacation, i’m like “oh thank god i’m home” but this time, not so much. actually, not at all. i was like “damn, i wish i had stayed longer.”

so a part of my brain is thinking about moving to seattle. then again, the thought in my mind came up when i was drunk. but it’s been itching at me. my lease ends in june. i’m not with donna anymore. and my job is a good one but i’m getting bored. i like the bay area but i’ve been here for almost 6 years. and san francisco does not have a microbrew every other block.

so i’m thinking. i’ll be thinking in may when they tell me whether i get a promotion or not. if not, then i’ll be doing some serious thinking.

lonesome tears

March 13, 2006

i think i’ve had an entry with this title before.

first thing’s first, this is hilarious. brilliant.

my eyes are dry. it’s cold.

roommate’s gone this week. didn’t do much this weekend. vegged. not feeling motivated about a lot of things. i really need my spring break vacation. i hope seattle and hawaii are enough.

i did my taxes and i owe the government some money. not a lot but no refund for me.

i wish i was a better person.

natalie portman raps

March 5, 2006


so she could make some money on the side

March 4, 2006

today, woke up in a funk. happens after i sleep in for a long time. finally said “i’m going to the comic book store!”

so i did. went to isotope on fell and gough. splurged. bought goon: vol. 4, batman & robin the boy wonder #1-3, justice #4 and the amzing spider-man #529. i was originally only going to get justice but i couldn’t help myself. i’ve been enjoying the justice series so far because alex ross’ art is just awesome but the pacing is kind of slow. i hope marvel’s civil war is good, it certainly has been getting a lot of press.

if you have a strange sense of humor, there is no reason for you to not read goon. it’s that hilarious.

watched dave chapelle’s block party and it was damn good. there’s something nice about watching someone get a bunch of other people together to have a good time. no drama, no pretenses, just fun.

i don’t know why i wrote this.