goodbye mr. rogers. you will

February 27, 2003

goodbye mr. rogers. you will be missed.

molly sims is spicy. ok,

February 24, 2003

molly sims is spicy. ok, that was bad. but she does give me that burning sensation. or do i have some STD? either way, enjoy your fruit.

peppers are fruits too ya know

everyone, give a big round

February 24, 2003

everyone, give a big round of applause for doug! on the night of the 22nd, in an alley behind a porn shop,


some of you might be thinking “um, isn’t that a private issue?” well, since he did make a comment about in a previous post, i figure i might as well get it out in the open. hooray for boobies! buy him a beer the next time you see him!

or just make fun of him for announcing the loss of his virginity on the blog of a guy who posts fruit porn.

i think someone at CrushLink

February 23, 2003

i think someone at CrushLink enjoys screwing with me.

Hey Patrick-

Your crush thinks you’re a total hottie.

Who has the hots for you? Click Here

Best Wishes,
The CrushMaster

(clicks on link)


You are currently not on anyone’s CrushList! It’s possible that the person who added you to their CrushList has removed you, or that we sent you an email in error.

well, that didn’t last too

February 23, 2003

well, that didn’t last too long.

time to fight the good fight…

from now on, i will

February 22, 2003

from now on, i will write only happy blog entries. let’s see how long i can keep this up.

motherfucking bastard

February 21, 2003

motherfucking bastard