the big game

November 30, 2006

cal dominates stanford

yeah, that’s right. take that stanford.

24 is the new 21

November 27, 2006

thanks to everyone who made it out to my birthday events this weekend. i’m really liking the idea of the birthday weekend.

now i’m going to start my week a year older and ten pounds heavier.


supergrass – sad girl

November 15, 2006

favorite time of day: midnight – 4am.


November 12, 2006

the adama maneuver

coolest fucking thing i’ve seen in a long time

from mikey et. al

November 12, 2006

i got this voicemail at 4 in the morning. i wished i had answered.

mikey, ed, and qa’s voicemail to me

but but but…

November 10, 2006

i wanted to buy john hodgeman’s areas of my expertise from amazon…

but then i wanted to support my local bookstore, like green apple.

but i realized that it’s 11pm and no local used bookstores are open at this time.

so i wondered which places would have a bookstore open this late.

maybe new york?

but then i’d have to move to new york.

so i’d have to quit my job, find a new job, find a new place to live, and move.

but i realized that i don’t like moving. and new york has weird weather.
so it’d be silly of me to move to new york because of bookstores open late at night.

i’ll just buy it some other time, like in the morning.

this is how my brain works.  yes, i think like if you give a mouse a cookie.

wtf douglas coupland

November 6, 2006

so i saw this ad for the blackberry pearl in the economist with douglas coupland in it. it was really quite strange since who the hell would recognize him?

it’s almost 2am and i’m not asleep. the melatonin is kicking in. this stuff is wonderful but not tonight.

vancouver. fantastic buildings. a city that feels new.

i’ve been spending a lot of time by myself. in my head. and i’m fine.

know what i want? i want to wake up to the sound of rain. that’s always a nice feeling.