i realized that girl

September 30, 2002

i realized that girl on girl action NEVER gets old. silly me.

tonight’s activities consisted of the

September 29, 2002

tonight’s activities consisted of the following:

a long walk
a pinata
a person telling us to shut the fuck up at 1am
girls who said they had graduated but looked like they were in high school
care bears
really loud music with lots of bass
dog psychology
wondering “what the hell….”

fireloong: and how do people

September 27, 2002

fireloong: and how do people fuck to massive attack?
O Kay Prime: well, people say it’s good
fireloong: yeah
O Kay Prime: and i masturbated once while it was playing..i was surprised
fireloong: dude

it’s starting to get cold

September 26, 2002

it’s starting to get cold and gray in berkeley again. it’s nice for like a week, maybe a month, then the rain comes and then it just becomes depressing. i only had 3 hours of sleep. residual caffeine effect. mmmmmmm.

there’s nothing worse in life than taking a really bad shit. ya know, the kind that burns. ouch.

goes to ucla. 32D.

September 25, 2002

goes to ucla. 32D. born in ’83. from diamond bar. sent her pictures straight to playboy once she turned 18.


what the hell.

i got a hold of

September 24, 2002

i got a hold of a few mp3s from a tape advance of the new foo fighters album. that makes me so fucking happy. continue with your daily business. i dare you to not comment.

i’ll post boobies later on

September 23, 2002

i’ll post boobies later on in the week. for now, here are some people who more famous than me looking bizarre.