since i just came back

March 30, 2003

since i just came back from a trip to hong kong and china, it would make sense that i write a huge blog entry about it. but i’m not. after being surrounded by tons of people for a week, i’m feeling quite anti-social. more than usual. or maybe it’s just me being paranoid about mysterious germs. whatever works.

off to hong kong for

March 22, 2003

off to hong kong for spring break. i’m really looking forward to a spring break walking around with a surgical mask on. kickass.

in high school, i used

March 21, 2003

in high school, i used to run the limit on the number of people i could have on my buddy list, which was a hundred back then but it’s probably more like a million now. but how many of those people did i actually talk to on a regular basis? fifteen at most? but i kept people on my list because maybe i’d need to talk to this one person or have more profiles and away messages to check. there was no real point to it except that i COULD do it. too often, people do things not because they need to but because they can. example: “oh hey, buy one get one free. i don’t need more eggs but hell, perhaps i’ll need more.” result: a pack of rotting eggs.

how big is my list now? 34 people. what’s the point of keeping people on your list who never talk to you and you never talk to? just to read their inane profiles that mentioned some stupid story that isn’t funny? “LOL! hahaha! i have the funniest story!” yeah, die. it’s perverse to have people on your list that you never talk to just so that you can read their profiles.

i feel so much better now. it was so easy. delete. delete. delete. if you want to be on my buddy list, IM me bitches.

if you think about it,

March 20, 2003

if you think about it, there is no real difference between cult and celebrity. i once saw a giant W burned into the side of a mountain next to the chronicle pavillion before a weezer concert. if n’sync asked their fans to kill themselves, half of them would do it.

i can recite lines family guy, the simpsons, and other tv shows but i don’t remember your name.

excessive use of LOL and exclamation marks makes me all stabby, angry, and disappointed in mankind.

whatever happened to the guy who played ‘mr. belvedere’?

i want lightning and thunder. lots of it. i want to feel…alive.

oh, mr. belvedere is dead. damn.

smart people aren’t reproducing. the world will be overrun by idiots. or has it already started?

well, would you look at

March 19, 2003

well, would you look at that, bill poon is famous.