January 30, 2005

had dinner at “all you knead.”

stuffed chicken breast with salad, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and garlic bread.


read a story about a lion, a hunter, and the world’s greatest lover.

an ice cream sandwich sounds good right about now.

what to call this

January 23, 2005

i’m a bit tipsy now.

i had a lot of sangria at cha cha cha’s then some of my own grey goose and whatever else was laying around at my friend’s place.

i saw harold and kumar and it was AWESOME. fantastic. eerie at the same time too.

unfortunately, i saw one of my good friends get mad at his brother and things got weird. i never see this friend get mad. ever.

it was because of something i said. and then things got ugly.

and then i thought about my own brother and how i’ve gotten mad at him. how frustrated i’ve been. i’ve tried to help but then things don’t work out. people get angry and then no one’s happy. try to lend a hand and you just get slapped.

i feel bad. i didn’t want to cause some ruckus. i also feel bad because i thought about my brother and how things are going with him. same stuff as my friend. selfishness. temper tantrums. lack of compromises. frustrated parents. not knowing what to do.

i don’t know what to do. i feel helpless.

but i’d like to wake up in the morning and call my brother and talk to him. because i don’t do that enough. he’s a good man. he has flaws but who doesn’t?

wake me up in the morning.


January 18, 2005

big news.


i have to move out of my place.


because my housemate, brian (the 40 year old musician) got married.


note, got married.

so technically i have to leave in 30 days. but he’s giving me three months since this was so sudden.

i don’t really care, i’m happy for him and anyway, i should move into a place with my own furniture.

so what to do? live closer to my work? stay in my current area? live by myself? live with a bunch of other people?


so many things to decide.

also, maybe i should just GET my own place.

yeah, that’s right. BUY. but i would need some help from the parents. and am i even ready for MY OWN PLACE?

i could take this as a sign. to buy something. or to live somewhere with people my own age.

pretty crazy.

what up mlk

January 17, 2005


the few perks of working in non-profit/education.

you get to annoy people working for corportations that you get today off.

then they grumble. and say “FUCK OFF!”

i really don’t know what to do with myself today. maybe i’ll read. maybe i’ll play video games.

books on my plate:
eleanor rigby got like 3 pages left. it was a quick read by coupland’s books are usually like that.

whoa, the links button shows up in firefox in movable type 3.1. neat.

a citizen’s guide to democracy inaction

battle royale

i’m just here for the food: heat + food = cooking

alton brown’s gear for your kitchen

the best american nonrequired reading 2004 – edited by dave eggers, intro by viggo mortensen (the guy who played aragorn in lord of the rings). there’s even a short story about ELIJAH WOOD. he scares me.

i woke up today with a stuffy noise and a slight sore throat. i didn’t drink last night so i worry i might be getting sick.

dude, a 66-year old romanian woman gave birth.

that’s not right.


January 12, 2005

you know you want it.

comment spam

January 9, 2005

why didn’t anyone tell me i had 3000 comment spam messages in my old archives?



January 5, 2005

i could write about the following topics:

holiday bowl
the shitty shitty weather
new year’s
why the hell is there valentine’s stuff at albertson’s now

but i won’t. too boring.

but i will say that i now have a moblog.

life aquatic was fun to look at but not all that great. good music though.

the incredibles was really really really really good.

goddamn, it’s still cold.