so everyone in the house

November 28, 2002

so everyone in the house is in this massive food coma…at 7:30. didn’t have turkey this year, just massive portions of beef, potatoes, and what not. mmm.

i just had a really bizarre dream. i was at a ben folds concert but there was no one in the general admission area (maybe 20-30 people) and we could get really close to him too. at some point, i asked why there was no one there and someone said that this was a make up concert for people who had had tickets from an orange county show. occasionally, ben would run off to the back of the venue (sorta like the warfield but with another general admission area in the back) and interact with the orange county crowd. this dream is making less and less sense. anyway, people in the crowd kept asking ben to turn up the volume because everything was sorta dull. he didn’t really do anything. as he started playing “army,” some roadie started singing the words to it really loud. but ben didn’t get pissed. instead, him and the roadie (who was wearing the same clothes as ben) started running around the stage. i tried to take a picture with my digital camera but the damn thing wasn’t working. in fact, it hadn’t been working the entire time.

then all of a sudden, i was dreaming about eating some massive shrimp. my dad was saying something “whoa, didn’t you know were actually going to get that.” as i was extracting meat from the tail, it just kept going and going and going…then the dream ended and i woke up.

what the fuck.

oh yeah, i’m 20 now. yay me.

huzzah! more fruit! banana

November 24, 2002

huzzah! more fruit! banana and watermelon too. the picture was without the chick’s head but who cares? +100 points to the person who can ID the legs.

sometimes i get this funny

November 21, 2002

sometimes i get this funny feeling in my stomach and i think “whoa! i think i’m in love” then i realize that it’s just indigestion from that stale hot dog i had at 3am the night before while i was playing super metroid….

moral of the story: eat fresh hot dogs.

now let me see those

November 19, 2002

now let me see those big green space titties…

fruits AND girl on

November 18, 2002
nice cherries

fruits AND girl on girl action. amazing ain’t it?

no wonder picard sent

November 17, 2002
bald men are sexy to blind people

no wonder picard sent geordi down to engineering.

FRICKIN’ HAROLD rckteer (my dad):

November 17, 2002


rckteer (my dad): i think patrick uses too much profanity
O Kay Prime (harold): where/
O Kay Prime: ?
rckteer: check his buddy info
O Kay Prime: brb
rckteer: do you agree?
rckteer: can you tell him to tone it down?
O Kay Prime: nah
O Kay Prime: i think it’s entertaining
O Kay Prime: i think his swearing is entertaining
rckteer: how so
O Kay Prime: cause it is
O Kay Prime: and it’s a harmless way to express his angst
rckteer: you enjoy watching him make a fool of himself
O Kay Prime: at least he isn’t out picking up hookers and killing them
O Kay Prime: like a serial killer or somethign
rckteer: that is true
rckteer: that would be bad
rckteer: he’s got to take it out on something
O Kay Prime: yeah
O Kay Prime: expression is good
rckteer: swearing is an alternative
O Kay Prime: yes it is
rckteer: do you swear?
O Kay Prime: no i never swear
rckteer: as frequently as he does
O Kay Prime: nope…patrick’s the bad apple
rckteer: i believe you
rckteer: black sheep of the family
rckteer: you can tell him that
O Kay Prime: yeah, watch out for him
rckteer: right
rckteer: he posted some interesting photo’s there
O Kay Prime: where?
rckteer: his buddy info
O Kay Prime: you can’t post pictures in your info
rckteer: there is a link
rckteer: come on you know what am i talking about
O Kay Prime: oh yes
rckteer: well i think is rather harmless
O Kay Prime: then what’s the big deal?
rckteer: nbd
rckteer: i said it was interesting
rckteer: just dont overdo it
O Kay Prime: i’m going to read
rckteer: ok good
rckteer: you are the good son