monday fruit

June 30, 2003

i’ll always wonder how steven tyler produced liv tyler. mystery of the universe. whoooooooooooo.

strange and beautiful

June 30, 2003

1. a fat spider crawled up the window next to me while driving to fuddruckers. i freaked out. luckily it was outside. next day, i’m walking with dlau to work and i walk into a dangling spiderweb — with the spider attached. i freaked out. next day, i see a decent sized spiderweb with the spider in the back of the apartment. decided i needed to take a few pictures of it. i spent a good half hour just looking at it. think i’ve made my peace with spiders.

2. i watched a plane write out something in the sky for i stood in the middle of the sidewalk for a good ten minutes looking like a fool wondering where i could get some insta-cloud.

3. the campanile has no hands, thus reinforcing how i’ve been feeling about these summer days.

4. a bum made an outline of a dog on the sidewalk using pennies. i wonder if he takes requests.

really need to carry my camera around more often.

battle royale

June 29, 2003

just finished watching this japanese movie called “battle royale.” harold told me about it once but the only thing i could remember was that he said it was really fucked up. AND IT WAS! like lord of the flies on crack. those crazy japs.

premise? stick a bunch of 9th graders on an island, give them weapons, and the only way off is to be the last one alive. also found out the sequel is coming out this summer.

random tangent. friendster is whack. it’s scary. and import models have too many friends.

ask and ye shall receive

June 26, 2003

blonde redhead

June 26, 2003

i went to see blonde redhead with buffalo daughter at the fillmore. i hadn’t heard much of either of their stuff, only a few blonde redhead songs and that one Air song where buffalo daughter does the vocals. but i needed to get my concert fix. my megatron shirt and shorts didn’t fit well with the many hipsters but fuck them.

buffalo daughter was good. they didn’t say much but they got their rock on. not too shabby.

the japanese chick in blonde redhead looked really tired. bags under her eyes and everything. couldn’t really understand her but that didn’t matter. her voice reminded me of bjork’s when she does that wailing thing. really enjoyed the long jams. those rocked. jon said that they didn’t play that many songs in san diego so i was surprised how many freaking encores they did. must have been all the cheering hipsters.

while at the jack-in-the-box drive thru, some black guy picked a flower and gave it to jon. said he was the flower man. he then washed jon’s windshield and spoke a little bit of chinese. even asked us who farted. weird shit always around jon.