i have a dream

April 26, 2006

the great Han Solo once said “No reward is worth this!”

and he was right.

how i met your mother

April 25, 2006

i can’t say it enough, “how i met your mother” on cbs (mondays, 8:30pm) is a really, really good show. well written, good cast, funny but not cheesy funny, and…




April 22, 2006

i am really freaking wasted.
tahn kyou terry.

byobw 2006

April 16, 2006

today was easter sunday and since i don’t go to church (anymore), i decided to check out the byobw (bring your own big wheel) race on lombard street that i heard about on boingboing. basically, a bunch of adults get on big wheels or whatever kids bikes (no rubber!) and race down lombard street (the curvy one that san francisco is famous for). it’s totally not legit by the city so it involved waiting for the northbound cable car to make its stop, block traffic, let all the cars go through, and race like hell. i invited a few people to go (some couldn’t make it) so i had to go it alone and it was TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME.

the best part (besides taking the photos) was trying to explain the huge crowd on lombard street to tourists.

tourist: “what’s the big crowd all about?”
me: “oh, they’re going to have a big wheels race down the street.”
tourist: “oh. cool.”

and this is why i live in san francisco. i tend to forget about things like this.

i stuck around to watch and photograph three runs. i predicted that when the race started, the rain would start coming down (and it did!). also, my batteries died right before the first race but luckily, the guy next to me let me borrow some batteries (thanks doug!). when the race got to the turn that i was at, i was trying to take pictures like mad and trying to avoid racers from crashing into me (i got lucky). i also started talking to a man who happened to be the gardener that takes care of the lombard street gardens. the thing is, i had read about him in the chronicle a couple of years ago!

other people’s photos from byobw


April 16, 2006

don’t know why i’m writing but i just needed to get something posted on here.