May 30, 2005

this picture makes me laugh.

i kid i kid

May 19, 2005


May 17, 2005

i really wish it’d stop raining.


May 14, 2005

i don’t like being in the shitter all the time.

i am old

May 9, 2005

today, i had two separate people tell me that i act like a 35 year old.


so true

May 7, 2005

“There comes a day in every man’s life — and it’s a hard day but there comes a day — when he realizes he’s never going to play professional baseball.” – Josh Lyman, The West Wing

broke your back

May 5, 2005

i went to an art show today. it was about the post-asian perspective. i somehow got the idea of what that means.

i saw a lot of asian hipsters. i felt out of place.

i feel like the most socially awkward person at those kinds of things. especially if i haven’t had a drink.

that’s a bad thing.

i once went to this place in the hills that had an apple festival. i ate a huge apple pie. it’d be pretty cool to own a place that sold huge apple pies.