drink drink drink

June 28, 2006


fun fun fun.

i should sleep.

fun fun fun.

in seattle

June 25, 2006

the sun sets late, rises early, and i don’t mind. it’s been gorgeous, sunny, and warm. it’s been a goddamn good vacation.

i know seattle isn’t always this nice but it’s times like these where i’m tempted to pack up all my stuff in sf and just throw myself up here. it helps having great friends up here.

people will ask me what i did in seattle, thinking i visited the space needle, the emp, or something. i will say i ate, drank, and screwed around.

i’ll also throw in bowling a 125, poker, throwing around a frisbee, going on a brewery tour, taboo, visiting the 99 ranch in kent, buying underwear from costco, watching the world cup at 7am, enjoying the sun at a bitching bbq, catching up on y: the last man, and laughing my ass off.

at the end of most vacations, i can’t wait to go back home where i have a comfy bed. but this time it’s different…


June 19, 2006

i don’t think i’d mind spending my vacation just reading comic books…


June 7, 2006

i had this very brief, fleeting moment of emptiness just now.

that was weird.


June 5, 2006

i’d make a TERRIBLE stalker.

that is all.

666 meets lost

June 4, 2006

late night + bike ride + pastrami sandwich + potato and egg salad + shower = totally awesome nap.

i did have a dream where a few characters from lost (jack, locke, and i don’t know who else) were running around in suburbia and were having their own weird dreams that were being caused by that freaky kid from that movie “the omen.” he had glowing red eyes in the dark.

harold says it’s boring when people talk about their dreams. but whatever, screw him.

maybe i should have kept sleeping but now i have that funny semi-paralyzed feeling.

i will be down in socal from the 16th to the 19th. then seattle from the 21st to the 25th. i’m hoping for many drunk stories.


June 4, 2006

i’m eating a potato and egg salad and a pastrami sandwich on rye from arguello supermarket right now and it feeeeels sooooo gooooood. every bite makes me think about how great of a weekend it has been.

on friday, i got REALLY trashed. well, not like puking trashed but trashed enough that everything was spinning at the end of the night. before it even started, i had a weird encounter.

me (alone) on folsom walking to loft 11 to meet up with ed, isabel, stacey and others. i see two students from cca walking the other way. usually when this happens, we just nod at each other and the universe goes on its merry path. instead this happened…

(one of the girls slows down):
girl: aren’t you the computer guy?
me: uh…yeah.
girl: what are you doing out here?
me: (i’m thinking “what do you mean what am i doing out here? i go out. i’m human. i’m young. just cause i work with computers doesn’t mean i go outside. this isn’t kindergarten where you think your teacher goes to sleep inside the classroom when you go home.) i’m going to meet up with some friends at a club around the corner. i do go out (i say this with a slightly defensive tone)
girl: oh, cool. well, have fun at the club.
me: bye.

uh, wtf.

so i go in with ed (the other ed) into loft 11 and it’s EMPTY. granted, it’s before 11 so understandable but there is nothing sadder in life than an empty club. i end up having a couple of jack and cokes (i don’t like loft 11 because they serve drinks in PLASTIC barware, i’ll be a snob about that) and the rest of the group comes by. half hour later and it’s still DEAD inside the club. we end up at butter.

(at this point, a lot of things become hazy)
i don’t remember having another jack and coke but it probably happened. i do remember tater tots that were motherfucking AWESOME and a lot of jello shots. like. A LOT. i do remember having a discussion about cherry pork. at this point, things get really hazy.

thank you isabel for driving everyone back home.

saturday. i wake up and it is absolutely gorgeous outside. i wish i could go for a ride in the park but i have to go to oakland and watch the A’s. it’s a whole lot warmer in the east bay (80+? it was just really really warm. it reminded of summer days in riverside where you just sat around feeling all lazy and then it was still warm at night). sunny and gorgeous. the A’s were playing the twins and for the most part, a pretty boring game. they were tied 1-1 in the 7th and i suddenly had this fear that they would go into extra innings. that fear comes from the 14 inning giants game that i had to sit through for ed’s birthday (seattle ed) which ended in all sorts of hilarity. despite being hungover, the sun and heat weren’t so bad. the rest of the day was spent lying around in the hot hot heat.

today. i come back to sf . the fog clears out for once and it is just gorgeous outside. i really like riding. especially on sundays when they close off part of the park to cars. i ended up out near the ocean and found out all sorts of stuff in the park that i didn’t know about because i only walked before.

and i’m still eating my sandwich and potato salad. i think that potato salad is one of man’s greatest culinary inventions. it’s right up there with mac and cheese and beer.

i still need to take a shower but when i do, it’ll feel damn good.