April 29, 2003

i had a dream last night where i had a $226 electricity bill. what kind of shitty dream is that?


little darling

April 28, 2003

guess i haven’t done this for a while. enjoy! oh yeah, what do y’all think of the new space?

have i posted this before?


April 28, 2003

moveable type is so shiny. like my ass. still have to work out a few bugs though.

dear jon, thank for you

April 26, 2003

dear jon, thank for you the mess you left on my toilet.


CORRECTION: dear jon, thank YOU FOR the mess you left on my toilet.

fell in love with a

April 25, 2003

fell in love with a girl. then she kicked me in the balls and said “WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!?!” no longer in love with the girl.

drink yourself silly and you

April 25, 2003

drink yourself silly and you will be fine.


whether it’s a bottle of

April 19, 2003

whether it’s a bottle of heineken, a can of coke, or a cup of tea, i feel like i could figure the world out with a drink in my hand.