repeat after me…COCKBLOCK. yes. COCKBLOCK.

January 30, 2003

repeat after me…COCKBLOCK. yes. COCKBLOCK. now i feel like bill on his vegas trip.



January 28, 2003


O Kay Prime: tonight i

January 28, 2003

O Kay Prime: tonight i went to this thing called ‘sex toys’
O Kay Prime: a thing sponsored by the dorms
O Kay Prime: i didn’t think it would actually be about fucking sex toys!

stupid harold.

anyone else see the new

January 26, 2003

anyone else see the new matrix trailer? anyone else cream their pants after watching it?

thank nancy for finding this pic. she found it on asia carrera’s website. don’t ask me what she was doing on a porn star’s website.

i'm a porn star AND i like fruit too

paul mccartney fucking rules.

January 26, 2003

paul mccartney fucking rules.

me: (reads neama’s latest posting)

January 24, 2003

me: (reads neama’s latest posting)
me: awww, how nice.

last week, i was walking

January 23, 2003

last week, i was walking by the clothing section at the student store when one of the employees looked at me and yelped “hey john! oh wait, that’s not john.” i looked back and she looked away in embarassment. now i’m thinking “do i really look like that many people? how many times have i been mistaken for someone else?” then i remember all those times people at my work have said “oh, hi (insert random name) and i say ‘my name’s patrick.’ ” i also get a lot of “oh, you look so much like (insert random name)!” yeah, thanks.

now all i can really hope for is to be reincarnated as a rodeo monkey.