June 30, 2005

i need an idea for a vacation.

something around 4 days. more or less.

please respond.

treasure hunt

June 27, 2005

this is really cool. if i had spent time in my cog sci classes learning, instead of sleeping, doodling, or figuring out the daily cal crossword, i could have figured out a puzzle that led me to a $280,000 gold token in the middle of oklahoma.

full of follies

June 26, 2005

today was a laughable day for me.

it started off at like…god knows when. but my phone was ringing. my new roommate was outside the apartment door because he had somehow lost the key to the apartment. groggy groggy. fall back asleep.

i’ve been thinking about getting a bike since the weather’s been nice and i need something in between walking (good for 4-5 blocks) and my car (many many miles). i need the exercise too. and there’s a sale at mike’s bikes. a plan is in motion.

ed rides and he was eager to help me get a bike. we planned to go to their sf location on 8th and howard. but as we’re turning onto hyde, bam, huge mass of people.

aww fuck, the gay pride parade. detour or abort.

ed has to go to berkeley later on and there’s a mike’s bikes in berkeley as well as the missing link co-op.


thirty minutes later (due to the many roadblocks), we’re on our way to berkeley.

mind you, a lot of my bad stories (as well as good ones) start off with “me and ed were…” it used to be “me and aaron” but now he’s gone and thus no more mayhem with him.

we end up at mike’s bikes. i haven’t ridden a bike in years. much less one with shifters and all that fancy mumbo jumbo. i have no real idea what i’m looking for. i’m just looking to spend around $500-$700. the bike i was looking for, the specialized allez 24 is not in stock at the berkeley location (but it’s available at the sf one…DAMN!). i find out i’m a 52. who knew. while we’re at it, we decide to take a couple of bikes for a test run. me, mainly to see how it rides. ed, so he can cheat on his bike and give a $1500 bike a test spin.

it takes me a while to get used to the shifters and all that good stuff but we start riding around campus. so far so good. we loop around memorial glade and begin going downhill….


i’m thinking “uh oh” and there’s been construction in the middle of the road. there’s one of those big metal plates. it’s higher than the ground. i’m going fast and i nick the plate. crash into a big orange pylon and some warning tape.


it hurt but thankfully, no blood. just a huge welt on my left leg.

and some scratches on the bike.


me and ed are laughing and i’ve resigned myself to thinking “well, maybe i will be getting a bike today.” good thing i wasn’t riding the $1500 bike. i’m thinking “i am such a dumbass. i try out a bike and the first thing i do is crash. doh.”

we get back and we’re thinking of ways to try to explain the scratches but i figure it’s best to tell the truth.

fortunately, the guy was cool about it. he asked me if i was alright. they said that they could touch it up. phew.

afterwards, we went to triple rock and la burrita. good ‘ol triple rock.

1. don’t try to go downtown when there’s a gay pride parade.
2. learn how to ride a freaking bike.
3. good days usually end up at triple rock.

i am old (part 2)

June 20, 2005

i am tired.

i just had two cups of tea but it’s not helping.

brain doesn’t feel sharp.

legs are sore for some reason. didn’t do anything today.

i am tired.

lately, i feel like i haven’t been doing anything right. just like a big fuck up. loser. idiot. dummy. dumbass. little idiot. failure.

ya know, them nice words.

i feel stretched. like nothing’s ever good enough.

i’m trying to not be such an idiot. such a guy. but then it feels like i’ve got like a billion other things to worry about.

a flood. a torrent. and i feel like a small man trying to move upstream.

i’m not so happy anymore.

i am tired.

i’ll have a piece of that

June 18, 2005

i went to see “batman begins” last night. it was in imax. but i was too close to the screen and so i’ll have to go see it again. that’s no problem with me because the movie was so fucking cool.

best review of batman begins:
batman is sweeter than a virgin’s tit. – harold

i’ve always found the idea of batman appealing, this mere man becoming something greater through sheer will. it’s like what they told you when you were in elementary school, “you can do anything if you put your mind to it” but not as corny.

god, that made no sense.

i’ve been reading a lot.

time traveler’s wife (thanks for the recommendation sheena).

assassination vacation


i have other books but i haven’t started on them just yet. i really like “gig.” it’s just a collection of people talking about their jobs. nurses. lawyers. strippers. crime scene cleaners. florists. you get the gist of it. i feel that it’s a good time in my life to read something like this because well, i honestly have no idea what i want to do. grad school? sure. but in what? career change? yeah, sure. don’t think i’ll work with computers forever.

more often than not, people never find what they’re looking for but something finds them.

in other news, i really don’t like this whole tiny dog in purse paris hilton bullshit. they’re animals for god’s sake, not fashion accessories.

bullshit! i say bullshit!