January 29, 2004

the most thoughtful article i’ve read about the outsourcing of IT jobs to india:

The New Face of the Silicon Age: How India became the capital of the computing revolution


January 28, 2004

my vote for picture of the year:

google loves me

January 27, 2004

recent searches:
j lo’s ass naked
“she kicked me in the”

feelin’ it

January 27, 2004

currently reading:
Shadow of the Hegemon
The Psychology of Everyday Things

really need to catch up on my reading.

did i tell you that i’m trying to get into a family guy de-cal? fucking awesome i tell you.

i often feel the urge to know everything there is about everything. it’s odd.

i’m thinking about buying a poker book. ya know, just to look good on the bookshelf.

the book has a really great user interface.

an interesting article on what many people consider the overlypriced iPod mini

kerry’s on a roll. no doubt about that.

please excuse this post for being utterly pointless.

poker night

January 24, 2004

saw our first straight flush tonight. of course, i didn’t have it. but i had a flush and an open-ended straight flush draw. i’m just happy because i was able to think “i have an open-ended straight flush draw.”

i had leftover pizza with dave’s insanity hot sauce, hot wings, and a pint of spaten oktoberfest beer for dinner. i don’t think it’ll be coming out well.

is there a term when you get a bunch of stale cards and you feel like playing Q-8 offsuit?

poker is beautiful. that’s all i have to say.

another reason why howard lederer is my favorite poker player.

Subject: Final Episode of Celebrity Poker Didn’t Suck!
From: Howard Lederer (

I just watched the final episode of Celebrity Poker. I usually browse an
episode in about ten minutes using TIVO, but this final two hour episode
actually grabbed my attention. I think this series was good for poker; it
just wasn’t fun for intermediate or better players to watch. But, the
celebs seemed to actually be trying this time. The “charity money” actually
got to them. They played tighter and better. The opening rounds were for
such small money, most of the players weren’t trying.

Or, maybe it was David Cross. He is a very sick and funny individual.

Howard Lederer

he’s a fan of david cross! and!


January 22, 2004

the one thing that screws up balance in nature…


think about it.

skies so blue

January 19, 2004

just got back from tahoe. it was tons of fun. the sky was blue. the sun brilliant. mountains capped with snow.

and my ass ready to take a hard beating in snowboarding.

i thought my first run on the slopes was going to be bad but i was able to keep my balance and thought “wow, holy shit, this is great.”

i went on a blue course and it wasn’t too bad except i ate it pretty hard at times especially when i landed on my ass on some hard ice. i groaned in pain and thought “man, snowboarding sucks.”

but it doesn’t.

i’m up 15 cents in slots and down an undisclosed amount in poker.

having fucked around for the weekend, i’m not looking forward to going to school tomorrow.

and so the misery begins.