oh my god. i just

June 30, 2002

oh my god. i just saw minority report. brilliant. and the technology! man, i feel like crap TYPING out this blog on a KEYBOARD. i want those glove thingies. i want my computer to be made out of glass. great plot too. damn.


kicking back with a juice

June 29, 2002

kicking back with a juice squeeze and listening to the queens of the stone age album. i love this album. it’d be better if i was drinking alcohol instead but i’ll settle for the juice squeeze. this will be a primarily random update so bear with me.

ode to burger king: so i’m gone from berkeley for a month and they close down the burger king on university. wtf. man, i have so many fond memories of that place, even though i’ve lived in my apartment for a year. 99 cent whoppers after 8pm (i’d hold out eating dinner until 8 so i could get them). double cheeseburgers for 99 cents or a regular cheeseburger for 49 cents. drinking an orange juice and apple juice while watching the rain. this was to relieve a hangover from a party the previous night at tracy’s. i felt queesy for a good portion of the day. i’m sorry that burger king has to go. you will be missed by all (or just me). i hope they put a jack in a box there or an in-n-out. that’d rock.

neama’s hair: neama cut his hair. to people who know neama, this is fucking amazing. before and after. you be the judge. i think it’s better shorter.

the game: i’d like to get back into the game. anyone have pointers? it seems like everyone i know is already retiring while i’m try to get at bat. help.

i haven’t updated for a

June 28, 2002

i haven’t updated for a while. sue me. back to work and classes. my class, Cognitive Science 1, is um, yeah. seems wishy washy to me. i’m off to a good start – assigned a week’s worth of reading and i still haven’t done it. yay. i’m really tired so leave me alone.

what would your last meal be?

so much to say. but

June 23, 2002

so much to say. but i’m not planning on saying much. it’s been about a week since i’ve touched a computer so this feels weird. i’m also really really really tired. going from seattle to berkeley in 13 hours straight does that to you. that was one hell of a roadtrip. i laughed my ass off, stared at sights so wonderful that i lost my breath, contemplated life in general, and discovered a few things about myself. for one thing, my eyes are really messed up. sorry doug and ian that i didn’t drive as much as i should have. i’d like to think i made up for it with my random banter. anyway, i didn’t get a picture of a sea lion orgy (saw one in SF off Pier 13 but i think there are always sea lions doing it there) but i got pictures of a whole lot of other things and didn’t get pictures of a lot of other things. the camera can only capture so much.

highlights (in no particular order):
1. the rainbow that greeted us when we finally arrived in seattle. it was huge.
2. the speeding ticket doug right outside of seattle cause he was going 75 in a 60 zone.
3. sleeping in the van. BAD IDEA.
4. jeep chick. french chick. all the really hot chicks in victoria.
5. watching the sunset at gasworks park in seattle. the sun bounced right off the buildings downtown and created a path of light right on the water. beautiful. awe inspiring.
6. kicking it with doug and ian on top of grouse mountain in vancouver with a few beers. go canada and its legal drinking age.
7. the vancouver aquarium in stanley park. animals rule us all.
8. bc ferries. long ass waits. but worth it.
9. country cottage somewhere in the middle of oregon. we called it “satan’s cottage.” it was creepy. like a white person’s grandma’s house on crack. everyone was 3x our age. except for the immensely fat dude wearing the sleeveless shirt. (shudders). afterwards, proceeded to the outlet mall across the freeway. i never knew a banana republic store would feel so good.
10. chasing the moon along the way to berkeley.
11. my random comments.
after the speeding ticket, i saw a cute little dog in the back of a truck and thought…
“i bet if we had a cute little dog, we wouldn’t have gotten pulled over.”

when sheena told us that she didn’t know if it was alright for any of us to sleep in her roommate’s bed
“we won’t do anything in her bed.”

walking back from gasworks and we were randomly discussing the term “third leg”
“i think i heard it on KROQ once when they were talking about what if charlize theron posed in playboy or something…”
“yeah, i’d be like ‘whoa! i’ve grown a third leg!…(pause)…and a fourth!”….(pause then me, doug, and ian start rolling on the ground, laughing our asses off, losing our breaths while sheena is off wondering what the hell we are laughing about…)

my new moneymaking scheme…
“hey, they should put strip clubs along the I5 for truck drivers and people like us who need some distractions…”
12. the nasty ass shit we smuggled back from a canadian liquor store called Vex cause Smirnoff Ice was all sold out. we were suckers for thinking “hey, this stuff is only 50 cents more but you get two more bottles.” what the hell is Vex? stupid Canadian alcohol.
13. my inability to drive on city streets.
14. douglas coupland’s book City of Glass. wonderful guide to vancouver.

there’s more but i really can’t remember. sort of a shame really but it also makes the entire experience wonderful in a way…

finally, i’m getting out of

June 15, 2002

finally, i’m getting out of riverside again. i’ve calculated that i can only stand riverside for three weeks at most. and that’s if i get to see people too. after a while, i get really really bored. not just bored, really really bored. parents become annoying again. etc etc. but now it’s time to leave. going on a roadtrip with doug and other people who i hardly know. but it’ll be good to drive. it’s therapy. which i need desperately. i figure i won’t be updating for a while (yeah right, i’ll probably find some way to obtain access to the internet in the middle of a forest) so comment away. perhaps i’ll post pictures of sea lion orgies along the coast of california.

why am i happy? because

June 13, 2002

why am i happy? because i’m listening to a pre-release of the new queens of the stone age album – songs for the deaf. i know most of you have never heard of them but they rule. and dave grohl drums on the album. damn straight.

looking at the people around my age, i’m thinking “man, we’re all horny as fuck.” and if someone says something to the contrary, they’re lying. the problem is that most of us can’t fulfill those desires. so we end up doing other things to distract us. like studying like madmen or working our asses off. sometimes there are substitutes like video games. but those are quite temporary. some decide that those are perfect substitutes. they’re definitely easier. others get some and it becomes an addiction. like drugs and alcohol. the distractions become irrelevant. where am i going with this? i dunno (applies to 99% of this blog).

this album kicks ass. i think i’m in love.

i’ve been up for a

June 12, 2002

i’ve been up for a few hours after taking one of those kinds of naps where you sleep for a long time but your brain is in a state of unrest the entire time. i blame it on the heat.

there was this bad, depressing karma going around tonight. part of it was my fault actually. i sent doug this yahoo! news article which talked about how guys only take breakups badly if they’re the dumpee. word. that lead to talking about examples of such. as of today, i’m two for two in the dumpee department. i guess that explains a lot.

this led to people we knew in middle school (specifically people he had dated in middle school) and some of the depressing stories we’ve heard about people from back then. i don’t want to use names here, it doesn’t seem right. death is one of those things that i’ve never been comfortable talking about because i’ve never had anyony really close to me die. and ya know what? i’ve never been to a funeral or a wedding. people look at me funny when i tell them that. i’ve still got a few years to explore the fundamentals of life. anyway, it just felt really somber tonight. the relative quiet in the house. the warmth of the night. me feeling really lethargic. bill’s latest update about a girl who he hasn’t spoken to in a year. people graduating tomorrow, which is a happy and sad event simultaneously. friends of mine taking finals. definitely some dark energy in the universe right now. i hope it goes away soon.