December 31, 2003

new year’s resolutions are funny because the moment you write the list, you automatically won’t complete half of them. oh well.

patrick’s resolutions for two-thousand fucking four (from kinda important to not really important):
1. find a job
2. play better poker
3. organize my mp3s (hah!)
4. write better blog entries
5. meet more interesting people instead of idiots
6. drink less (because i feel like shit now)
7. i guess i should exercise
8. get laid every other day week month year?
9. survive the semester with my brain intact.
10. decrease my dependence on coke and sun chips.



pathetic loser? uh…

December 27, 2003

dlau asked if xanga’s stilladick was anything like tony pierce and i had to say no because tony pierce is a blog god. i look down upon xanga because well, it’s shitty. 99.9% of the blogs on there suck. remember lolgirl?


back to the story.

there’s a link on stilladick to wonda’s xanga and she seemed oddly familiar.

. . .


she drinks, smokes, and parties a lot. but i found it funny how in one entry she wrote:

These words were use to describe me by two friends last night. I’m just sinking lower and lower into this hole I dug myself into . . . I don’t think I’ll ever get out of here.

I am a pathetic loser.

PS. I’m frightened of myself.

sounds like neama.

except that she’s hot, works at hooters, is an import model (gotta love ’em!), and writes like a 9th grader.

computers are stupid

December 27, 2003

so i downloaded this e-book version of ender’s shadow, the kind where someone scans the text using OCR, and i’m thinking that i should buy the actual book now.

here’s why:

How can I judge? Isn’t Christ supposed to be the judge of quick and dead? Why is this in my hands, when I am not fit to do it?
“Would you like to stay here, Bean, while I transmit your test results to the people who make the decisions about Battle School? You’ll be safe here.”
He looked down at his hands, nodded, then laid his head on his anus and sobbed.


December 26, 2003

this makes me oh so sad:

women of state (sdsu) calendar


December 26, 2003

is it me or does someone seem really pissed off this christmas?

Death toll over 100 in Benin plane crash

Iraq rebels kill 4 U.S. GIs over 2 days

Quake deaths could reach 10,000 in Iran

Rain causes mudslides in Southern Calif.

Suicide blast kills four outside Tel Aviv

Gas well accident in China kills 191

Officials: U.S. mad cow case confirmed

don’t feel like it

December 25, 2003

spent a couple of days in san diego. stayed at doug’s place. played pool. a lot. ate some damn good food. this one place had really good margaritas. played halo. i suck. wore my green lantern shirt and one of the home depot employees asked which green lantern i liked. i said “kyle rayner or john stewart, because of the justice league cartoon.” he liked hal jordan, even though he went crazy and took out the sun. it rained and that’s always such a downer. but at least i got to fly a kite. read through the first 16 or so issues of Exiles (X-Men storyline involving characters from alternate realities in the X-Men universe working together to fix time — yeah, complicated). good stuff. i saw this really huge cat in doug’s backyard and it freaked me out because it looked like a dog. didn’t touch the computer at all and it felt good to not know what the hell was going on in the world. as if it really mattered anyway.

and that’s what happpened.

came back home and my family was as dysfunctional as ever. didn’t feel very holiday-ish with all the tension at the dinner table. shouting. arguing. temper tantrums. all over ridiculous things. i had to leave. it was too much.

this has been the first year in a very long time where it hasn’t felt very…christmas-y to me. probably due to all those damn finals, the weather, the minimal shopping, and no holiday joy.

how people are ending up here:
“she kicked me in the balls”
evelyn ng ladies night
evelyn ng poker player
evelyn ng naked

first and last are my personal favorites.

merry christmas.

more than meets the eye

December 21, 2003

yes, i bought transformers playing cards. they were $2 at target. if something’s shiny (or holographic), cheap, and totally not necessary for me, i tend to buy it. we already have 4 decks at my apartment for poker use, why add more?

because this one’s got TRANSFORMERS.

i think i secretly just want to say “full house, optimus primes over megatrons.”