new year’s resolutions ’07 (cont’d)

as was kindly mentioned to me, i had 15 resolutions in ’06, not 22. 22, what a crazy number.

anyway, here are my resolutions for ’07, many of which will be broken.

1. write more.

2. read more. i will say that comic books do count.

3. call parents more often.

4. exercise more. hopefully all that money i just spent at target and sports basement will motivate me. that and the tire around my stomach.

5. drink less. easier on the wallet and the gut.

6. make more beer. i know, i know, this conflicts with number 5 but this satisfies something else.

7. make more friends and leave the hole known as my apartment more often.

8. sleep with a billion hot women. all at the same time.

guess which one is the joke resolution?


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