so in this day and age with all this fancy new technology, what do we do about stuff from ex’s/people that didn’t work out? pictures on flickr, facebook, etc. aim/gmail chat logs. e-mails. text messages. blog posts. comments on myspace/facebook/friendster.

there’s a lot of clean up.

i’ve heard some people have ex-boxes but there’s no real equivalent of that for the stuff above. or maybe there is and i don’t know about it.

any ideas? what do people do?


2 Responses to question

  1. lylpookie says:

    You can do what my ex did and delete everything about the person so that it’s like Eternal Sushine of the Spotless Mind.

    Or you can do what my friend did and burn all the digital pictures/emails/chats and throw that cd into the “ex box”.

    Or you can do what I do and just leave it out there because it was a part of your life and that experience has made you become who you are too. (Although, I admit I do have an ex box tucked away because I don’t think Ed wants to find the tangible things lying around.)

  2. footprintx says:

    QA’s right.

    leave the flicker, facebook, blog posts because it’s not like you’d clean that stuff up anyway. people recognize your blog posts, flicker and facebook as reflections of the past and pictures / posts that serve that function shouldn’t be altered.

    anything you might otherwise clean-up, like your inbox or whatever, you can delete that stuff, but do it in the course of action you might normally take.

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