but but but…

i wanted to buy john hodgeman’s areas of my expertise from amazon…

but then i wanted to support my local bookstore, like green apple.

but i realized that it’s 11pm and no local used bookstores are open at this time.

so i wondered which places would have a bookstore open this late.

maybe new york?

but then i’d have to move to new york.

so i’d have to quit my job, find a new job, find a new place to live, and move.

but i realized that i don’t like moving. and new york has weird weather.
so it’d be silly of me to move to new york because of bookstores open late at night.

i’ll just buy it some other time, like in the morning.

this is how my brain works.  yes, i think like if you give a mouse a cookie.


One Response to but but but…

  1. lylpookie says:

    Seattle has this cool used bookstore that’s open 24 hours on Fridays…

    Another reason to come up here…besides a new single friend of mine…

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