i heart tv

current tv viewing schedule –
sunday: 9pm – family guy
monday: 8pm – how i met your mother, 9pm – heroes, 10pm – studio 60 on the sunset strip
tuesday: nothing
wednesday: 9pm – lost (DUH!)
thursday: 8pm – my name is earl, 8:30pm – the office
friday: 9pm – battlestar galactica
saturday: college football

half these shows i download because i don’t have cable or get nbc but if i did, it looks like my ass would be in front of a tv a whole lot. do i have a problem with that? hells no. tv is sweet sweet nectar from the gods themselves (yeah, i just made a BSG reference).

speaking of BSG, grace park is really really hot.


One Response to i heart tv

  1. lylpookie says:

    Tuesdays you should watch Gilmore Girl and Boston Legal..ok fine, skip Gilmore Girls, but Boston Legal is great.

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