i was going to post about a very wtf moment i had last night but i don’t feel like putting it out there online so IM me.

in other news, i did not go out last night and instead watched the premiere of battlestar galactica at pam’s place. her house has a remote controlled fireplace yet no tivo. that makes no sense to me.

thoughts about the bsg premiere (spoilers ahead):
apollo and the fatty suit – WTF. he better shape up and stop eating the ding dongs so he can kick some cylon ass.
tyrol did way better with sharon (despite her being a cylon). cally looks like a child.
the brother cavlin cylon model – FUCKED UP.

best moment:
brother cavlin: let’s execute baltar.
baltar: WHAT?

starbuck and leoben – WTF. sure, it could be her kid but the dude’s trouble.

i really hope the next episode has an epic space battle.


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