my stomach feels like it’s tearing itself apart…owwwwwwww.


One Response to oy

  1. Doug says:

    i remember once, in a fit of hunger and a lack of food, I found a half open bag of Ruffles in the back of a cabinet. on the front was a big ad stating that they were now thicker for better dipping. i crunched into them and they were pretty stale, must’ve been there for at least 5 months.

    anyway, that night i woke up with this terrible pain in my stomach. tried to puke, but nothing came out. tried the other side, nothing. and then BAM, spent the rest of the night passing and puking small, sharp bloody shards of rock-hard, stale ruffles. i could feel them, like tiny shards of glass, ripping up my throat as i puked.

    did it feel like that?

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