i’m melting…

arrived at ontario last night around 11, about an hour late. this is the 2nd time i’ve taken the last flight out of oakland to ontario on a thursday and both times they’ve been delayed.

it is motherfucking HOT in riverside. at least i’ve been sleeping well. when i’m at home, it’s just deep sleep without dreams. i’ve been dealing with a lot of tossing and turning, waking up at 4am and not going back to sleep until 5, etc. so this is really nice. but i do miss the cool weather in sf.

i have two mosquito bites. one on my left thumb, the other on the cartilage above my left ankle. that’s not right.

at costco, i saw my old violin teacher. it’s been like…10 years? he said “you look like a korean movie star. i don’t know his name. it’s the hair.” swear to god. as usual, i said nothing in return out of sheer surprise.

my mom asked me if i had a gf now. here’s how the conversation went:
mom: “you have girlfriend now?”
me: “no…i was just dating somone”
mom: “i thought you were with a korean girl…”
me: “yeah, we’re not dating anymore”
mom: “what happened?”
me: “um, she stopped talking to me”
mom: “why? because you’re not interesting?”
me: “no! gosh…well…”


comic con tomorrow. sweeeeet!


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