in seattle

the sun sets late, rises early, and i don’t mind. it’s been gorgeous, sunny, and warm. it’s been a goddamn good vacation.

i know seattle isn’t always this nice but it’s times like these where i’m tempted to pack up all my stuff in sf and just throw myself up here. it helps having great friends up here.

people will ask me what i did in seattle, thinking i visited the space needle, the emp, or something. i will say i ate, drank, and screwed around.

i’ll also throw in bowling a 125, poker, throwing around a frisbee, going on a brewery tour, taboo, visiting the 99 ranch in kent, buying underwear from costco, watching the world cup at 7am, enjoying the sun at a bitching bbq, catching up on y: the last man, and laughing my ass off.

at the end of most vacations, i can’t wait to go back home where i have a comfy bed. but this time it’s different…

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