damn, two more weeks of rain. i did not sign up for this. if i wanted lots of rain, i’d move to seattle. oh yeah…

you do not want to click on these:
ed wins
ed wins (again)

one word can describe my weekend: BEER. note to self: lots of beer makes you fart. another note to self: start brewing again

when i was in seattle, ed et. al took me to big time brewery and it felt EXACTLY like triple rock. they even had shufflepuck (which triple rock removed a while back to make more room for customers). there was even a large monkeyhead bottle.

today, i found the connection:
Twelve years after brewing their first brew, John and Reid Martin are considered “founding fathers” in the brewpub industry, and have gone on to build a small empire of award-winning brewpubs and bars in California and Washington State (Twenty Tank Brewery in San Francisco, Big Time Brewery in Seattle, and Jupiter in Berkeley.) Still, Triple Rock remains their favorite. “It’s where real brewpub beer began in the Bay Area,” says John. “We feel lucky to have been there at the beginning of the craft brewing renaissance”. Some say that you can see a little of Triple Rock in almost every brewpub.



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