gimps and lepers

[11:49PM] fireloong: she has a gimp foot
[11:49PM] fireloong: you like gimps
[11:49PM] fireloong: and lepers
[11:49PM] Harold: i like how gimps can’t run away very fast
[11:49PM] fireloong: so it’s easier to fuck them
[11:50PM] fireloong: her face looks all pale
[11:50PM] Harold: i was going to say
[11:50PM] Harold: it’s easier to stop them to ask them for a nice dinner for two
[11:50PM] Harold: you perv
[11:50PM] Harold: and then when they get all bashful that no one notices the gimp leg
[11:50PM] Harold: THEN i fuck them
[11:51PM] Harold: she has a pale face
[11:51PM] Harold: she’s not sickly though
[11:51PM] Harold: pale works in some regards
[11:52PM] fireloong: ah
[11:52PM] fireloong: wow
[11:52PM] fireloong: you have a fucked up mind

[11:55PM] fireloong: can i post that thing about the gimp foot on my blgo?
[11:55PM] Harold: sure
[11:55PM] Harold: no one reads it anyway
[11:56PM] fireloong: yeah
[11:56PM] fireloong: that’s the beautiful thing


One Response to gimps and lepers

  1. reina says:

    I read it!

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